Welcome Baby M

Week 39 started on Friday the 12th.  I was exhausted and frankly over just about everything.  My body hurt and I was not hungry in the least, so when I got home from work I sat on the couch and was out cold by about 6:00pm.  James has a great time with me considering I am always falling asleep on the couch and this time it was before dinner too.  But on the bright side, he never has to compromise on what he wants to watch on TV right?  James woke me up a little after 9:30pm to go upstairs and go to sleep.  As I was walking up the stairs I felt a rush of fluid and my first thought was “God, of course I just peed in my pants..”  Then it hit me that my water broke, I did not pee in my pants (thank goodness, since that would have been a drag!).  I got to the bedroom and sleepily told James that I think my water just broke and he jumped up and wanted to know what we should do.  I had no idea so I called the hospital to see if we should go in now or still wait until my contractions got to 5 minutes apart.  They said to come in now.  So we got ready–James really wanted to take a quick shower beforehand and I thought why not? I am not in any pain and well, sure go for it.  James was slightly panicked on the way to the hospital asking if I was alright and if I was in any pain–I was not.  There was not any traffic on the road at almost 10:00pm on a Friday night but I thought it was funny that James wanted to take the quickest way to the hospital and then realized that he was speeding.  I told him that we really were not in a rush since nothing was happening and any chance of infection (due to my water breaking) was still hours off.

We got to the ER entrance (because that is the only door that is unlocked after hours) and turns out if you tell the front desk people that your water broke they speed things along quite quickly!  I was asked multiple times if I wanted a wheelchair and to be wheeled down to labor and delivery.  Nope, I can walk.  I did not even want a wheelchair when I tore my meniscus in my knee and if I remember correctly I may have started to cry when they made me sit in the wheelchair because I was not able to walk-I guess my ego or pride could not handle it then and wasn’t able to handle it this night either.  I was going to walk to labor and delivery if it killed me–and turns out it didn’t.  When we got to labor and delivery I had to change into one of those amazing hospital gowns, get hooked up to the monitor so that they could see my contractions and baby M’s heart rate, and then I got an IV tube hook up for when I was in active, real labor the nurse said.  James and I hung out in the very spacious delivery room from 10:30ish to 4:00am with no change.  During this time the nurse told me that if I my contractions did not get more intense (because I could not feel them at all) and they did not get closer together she was going to start the pitocin at 4:00am.  Needless to say I started doing just about anything I could think of to get those contractions to kick in.  I was doing squats, walking around the room, and finally I decided to go walk the ENTIRE hospital (which took about 45 minutes) and walk up and down the stairs.  Can you picture me, massive, in a hospital gown, waddling around the hospital at 2:00am?!  It was very quiet and empty and I was laughing to myself the whole time thinking it would be quite the site to see me waddling around the hospital in the dark.

4:00am rolled around and my contractions were still nonexistent on the pain scale and they were still 3 clumped together at 2 minutes apart and then there was a 5 minute gap and then 3 more clumped together.  The doctor on call came in and introduced herself–James and I were not a fan of her, but could not place why.  She did tell me that once they start the pitocin she would recommend me getting an epidural to dull the pain because the pain gets real intense, real quickly.  I told her I wanted to try to do it naturally and her lovely response was, “well, just keep it in mind; most people who do pitocin get the epidural.” Thanks lady.  The nurse came in and started the pitocin but promised me that I would not require that much to get them started.  She came in every 15-30 minutes after that and added more–so much for not needing too much.  She did that for 2.5 hours.  I even tried to lie and tell her that they were getting closer together but she could see that they were not on the monitor.  Bummer.  They were getting more intense but it was not until the last time she increased the pitocin that I REALLY started to feel them.  WOWA!  Talk about going from zero to 90 in 30 minutes and then increasing to 100% in a matter of minutes.  At 7:45am, when I looked at the clock and realized I have been in labor for only 3 hours and 45 minutes and I was in pretty severe pain I started to panic and asked the nurse if I was getting close to delivering Baby M.  She did not even bother to check me and told me “Oh honey, you are just getting started. First time moms labor for around 10 to 14 hours.” Sheer panic Instantly shot through me and I thought, how the hell can these contractions get any worse?!  I then started to really panic each time I felt one coming, which lead to me hyperventilating, and almost passing out once or twice.  They were about 45 seconds to a 1 minute apart and lasted about 1 minute.  I told James that I can not do this anymore and I need the epidural if I am going to be in this much pain for the next 5 to 9 hours.  So sadly (or luckily, I haven’t totally decided which yet) the anesthesiologist was in the room next to me so he was only going to be a few minutes and then come give me my epidural.  The nurse never bothered to check to see how dilated I was and at that point I did not think to ask before I had the epidural put in.  And in retrospect I should have made her check, because right after I had the epidural put in (still feeling EVERY contraction) the nurse checked me and told me that it was time to start pushing.  WHAT! You said it was going to be HOURS before I had to start pushing, that’s why I started to panic and that’s why I got the epidural.  By this time it was 7:50ish and I was still feeling the contractions, although I must admit, I was happy to feel them slowly subside due to the medication.  I also knew that MY doctor was on call starting at 8:00am and that she was on her way in to the hospital.  So since it was about 5 minutes to 8 and I was no longer in pain, I was going to have MY doctor deliver my baby.  So the nurse rolled me onto my side so Baby M’s heart rate didn’t drop while we waited and they called my doctor to see how far out she was.  My doctor came into my room very excited to see me and trust me, I was THRILLED to see her as well.  I pushed for 20 minutes (pain free minutes mind you) and then BAM! James and I were parents to a healthy, 6 pound 12 ounce, 19.5 inch long baby girl!  We were thrilled and could not be happier! She screamed right away and then calmed down when she was put on my chest.  She was perfect!!

I do not regret getting the epidural because I was able to wait for my doctor to deliver Baby M, but if I would have known that I was going to have my baby in my arms by 8:20am I would not have gotten the epidural a little before 7:50am.  The contractions were not going to get any stronger and I was holding it together until I asked the nurse how much longer this was going to last and besides that, I was completely numb from waist down until 1:30pm that afternoon.  The epidural was in me for a mere 20 minutes at a charge of $1,780 (just got that bill) and I was numb for the majority of the day.

But whatever the method, the end result was Madelyn Ann.  Born on Saturday, February 13th at 8:20am–totally perfect and amazing! (Thank you Baby M for not arriving on Valentines day!)   Interesting side note–James proposed to me on February 13th two years prior to baby m arriving!

Baby M did not have a name until we left the hospital 2 days later.  Turns out it is quite hard to decide on a name that will follow this little one around for the rest of her life.  In the end we decided on Madelyn because James wanted her name to start with an M (for some reason) and I loved the name Adaline.  We compromised on Madelyn.

photo 3 (10)

Are you ready for an insane amount of Madelyn pictures?  She had her picture professionally taken at the hospital and some of them were so cute that we had to have them.

Her feet are so tiny!!


Bump Watch

Week 38:

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: +40 pounds.  EEK!
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Yep and they are getting quite tight at this point!
SLEEP: Not a whole lot.
STRETCH MARKS?: NOPE! And hopefully nothing shows up in the last few weeks!
BEST MOMENT: Hands down: The moment when James felt Baby M kick for the first time and the expression on his face.
MISS ANYTHING? I miss everything about not being pregnant.  I want to meet my baby!
MOVEMENT: She is an active little bugger!
 Nothing crazy, I’m still hungry all the time though.
My poor feet and toes and now kankles are like little sausages and by the end of the day I have sock impressions along my entire foot.
LABOR SIGNS:   Braxton Hick contractions that have been about 30 minutes apart–but nothing painful and they are not getting closer together.
SYMPTOMS: Weight gain and swollen ankles, feet, hands, and toes. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary.
MOOD: Content, but ready to meet my baby and  not be pregnant anymore.
EXCITED FOR: To be done being pregnant and of course to MEET MY LITTLE GIRL!! We still do not have a name picked out for her..
I do not have a picture of me this week, but I have a great gem for you to see–my swollen feet!
photo 1 (13).JPG
Now that is one attractive foot, no?  The day when my feet and ankles look normal will be a great day!

Fly Tying

Since James found out about the arrival of Baby M, he knew his extravagant fishing days were limited.  Realistically we should not be spending massive amounts of money on fly rods, reels, line, and especially flies.  Those tiny little things that get tied to the end of the line, thrown into the water, get hooked in mouths, and get stuck on something and lost are at least $1.50 a piece and I have seen some for $6.00!  I could not believe it the first time I saw how much they were! The hooks are tiny!!  Although–I must admit, they are quite amazing to look at!  The colors, patterns, materials that are used are crazy!

Flies that James likes to use to catch Trout.

Now, you may be saying that those don’t look too hard to make–because I said the same thing when I first agreed to make flies for him.  Well let me tell you, those tiny little masses of feathers/rabbit fur/deer hair/elk hair/string/wire are some of the hardest things I have EVER tried to do. And truthfully probably one the of the most frustrating things I have tried.  The hooks are tiny, TINY, the string or hair NEVER stays were it should, you have loose ends hanging out everywhere, and most of the time when I am done it does not look like what it is supposed to.  We have had the fly tying kit for close to a year now and it only comes out when James gets desperate, wants me to try something new, or when I decide to make up a brand new fly–AKA, seeing what colors/material I can throw together and see if it actually catches any fish.  I enjoy fly fishing when it is 90 and sunny, James fishes all year round–sun, wind, rain, snow, cold, you name it, he has fished in it.

Since we decided to cut back on recreational activity spending (i.e. spending $20-$50 on flies each time we go fishing–which for James is almost daily in the summer and two-ish times a week in the winter), there really isn’t much choice in the matter. Fly tying will be in our blood eventually. Besides, most of the fly fisherman we know around here do tie their own flies because it is so much cheaper.  In order for me to agree to make some dysfunctional looking flies I told James that I get to pick out some of the colors we use.  He likes the browns, greens, browns–me on the other hand enjoy seeing lime greens, blues, pinks, orange, sparkles.. If I were a fish, I would skip the boring tan fly and go straight for the eye catching lime green and pink fly!  James tries to tie the flies but his hands are too big–he can hardly hold onto the hook without covering the whole thing up, and turns out his fingers can not be all at nimble and gentle without ripping the material, or breaking the thread. Eventually, I always end up fishing the flies.  The best part is that no matter how horrible the fly is James always says it looks great and he always uses it!

81tDzgFxjDL._SY355_.jpgThis is our fly tying Kit.  Not a fancy one, but it works.

Let me tell you–the video in our kit and the YouTube videos that tell you how to make the flies look so simple; lies, its all lies.. Even the simplest ones, like what we made yesterday were hard!  James wanted to go fishing with a friend, but wanted some flies that looked like worms.  Seems easy enough right, I thought I could bust one of these guys out in a few minutes.  Well turns out it took us 30 minutes for the first one and it looked horrible.  We did make 4 of them after the first one and by the end I had it down to about 10 minutes a fly.  The fly we made yesterday had one piece of long thick string or rubber down the back of the hook–that is it.  Should not have taken so long, but of course I once again underestimated the difficulty of the fly tying skill.

Our fly tying contraption.

Now, most people who do this on a regular basis have their very own room to fly ties and keep it set up 24/7.  We on the other hand have all of our fly tying things in a Tupperware box that sits in the closet until I get enough courage to actually attempt to make a fly. We set ours up on the kitchen counter when it needs to be.

To make our squirmy wormie fly: (This was a team effort–it took 4 hands occasionally)

  1. Get a size 10-12 hook and put a gold bead head on it.  James had to do that because I was not able to get the head around the hook part.
  2. Wrap the copper wire around the shaft of the hook to the curve to make sure it has enough weight to keep it under water.  Make sure that the head is locked in place by wrapping a lot of wire right behind it.  Make sure the wire is tight, otherwise it just moves around the hook as you make the rest of the fly–super annoying when that happens.
  3. Take the sparkly thread (that was a must for me) and wrap it from the bead head down to the end of the copper wire, covering it completely.
  4. Take one of your squirmy wormie bodies and put it on top of the hook shaft–we both needed to hold the worm part onto the hook while I wrapped the sparkly thread around it from head to toe.
  5. I folded the worm body over its self twice to make the worm body thick enough to where I thought it looked ok.

IMG_20160206_144517287_HDR.jpg Tada! Squirmy Wormies

Can you guess what color I picked out?? Of course the neat pink one with sparkly thread!! We made our squirmy wormies for $0.50/each, not $1.50/each from the store.  They may not look like the ones from the store, but James did say he had a lot of bites when he used them yesterday–sadly he did not catch any fish though.  He told me a few times that he likes my squirmy wormies more than the ones from the store! He actually really liked the sparkly aspect of them.  And! The fly on the upper left, the sparkly tail feathers were his idea and he said the fish loved it!

Bump Watch

Week 37:

Well since Baby M could be born any day now–and I am hoping its sooner rather than later at this point; I thought I would post weekly posts for the last few weeks.  Baby M dropped even more this week and I am really not sure she has much more room to drop; I think she will be on the floor if she drops anymore.  But because she dropped so much I am now waddling 24/7 and there is no hiding it at this point.  My coworkers and the residents at work have realized it to because this week about 90% of the people I saw told me it will be any day now.  I must have looked rather uncomfortable all week too because the ladies at the retirement home seemed to think that I was going to go into labor at any second!

Having all of my organs shoved up into my rib cage, sharing space with my lungs makes it hard to do the exercise class and talk at the same time.  I wore myself out yesterday during class–the residents keep telling me that know I know how they feel after class is done, and yes, yes I do.  Yesterday one of my exercisers thought that it was a good thing that we had a retired pediatrician in the class “just in case something exciting happens!”  Apparently having a baby in a retirement home would be the talk of the century because all the ladies would like to be in attendance if that happens! Luckily though, the hospital is literally a stones throw away from the retirement home.  Since the retirement home I work for is owned by the hospital (and I am a hospital employee) I can jump on the bus and get a ride right down to the Birth Center–it would take about 1.5 minutes depending on traffic.  So much to the residents dismay, there is NO WAY I will have my baby in a retirement home.

I am very ready to have Baby M out and in my arms.  Many people have asked James and I what we are going to name her–and we honestly still have no idea.  We have a few names (one or two mainly) but we are going to wait to meet her before we actually give her a name.  We have kept those names a secret because we do not want to have anybody else’s input or critiques.  My boss told people what her little boys name was going to be and she said it was a horrible mistake because everybody at work, home, and friends gave their opinion on the name.  So to avoid all that, we haven’t told anybody.

Many people have asked if I am nervous about the labor and delivery and then what happens afterward.  My answer is no.  I am not nervous at all–very calm and excited actually.  I was nervous for the labor few months ago but now I am ready.  I am excited to meet my baby girl and to have my own body back (and to start running again!!).  These days my thoughts on labor are: People have been doing this for years and many people do it without medication–yes, it will hurt, but it is also temporary and the doctors will not allow me to be in full, painful, labor for more than 24 hours before intervening.  Yesterday James asked me what he should do if I tell him I want an epidural during labor.  I told him to tell me that I can do it and to just hold off.  I told him that IF I ask for one 3 or 4 times (I guess I left that up to him) then to start considering the fact that I might really need one.  But hopefully I do not because I want to be able to walk around and FEEL my legs.

Since I found out I was pregnant people have been offering advice non stop.  I understand that family, friends, and people who I do not know will give advice about pregnancy–solicited or unsolicited, and that is fine.  Honestly most of the time I listened and forgot it because everybody is different and I was going to figure it out myself.  But there have been a few things people have repeatedly told me or informed me of in the last 8.5 months that I feel is truly appalling and just blows my mind.

(Yes, this is a slight rant, so if you prefer not to read it, I understand.)

  1. “Labor is the worst pain you will ever experience and you NEED to have the drugs–no question!” Or “..Of course she is going to get the drugs!” Ok, thanks for the advice and thanks for talking for me..  I am well aware of how bad labor will probably be–I know the anatomy down low and am aware of how big the baby is when they are born.  Any logical person would assume that there will be some extreme pain–but do not tell me that I do not have a choice on whether or not I am going to use any sort of medication to dull the pain.  My body, my choice–keep your opinions to yourself.  Besides what expecting mom really wants to hear how incredibly painful and miserable labor is 2 weeks before shes going to give birth!?  On the other hand, I have come to find out that I am a very stubborn person and having people tell me that I will take the medication makes me want to prove them wrong and not have anything like I had originally planned; so maybe I should be thanking them!
  2. “Oh you don’t have family here, that really sucks and you will be miserable without family around.” or “Wow, good luck, there is no way you can do this on your own without family here.” or my personal favorite “Why would you have kids without family around, that’s rather selfish!  You won’t be able to manage!”  Wow, thanks people! Again–advice that MOST sane people should probably keep to their selves.  It is already hard enough without kids to be far away from family.  Having a baby will make it twice as hard to be away from family–obviously. But James and I have made a conscious decision to have a baby and we will manage just fine out in the mountains.  But never, ever, call me a selfish person for deciding to have a baby without family in town–especially if you do not even know me and you are just talking to me in a store!
  3. “Is the baby moving, can I feel?” People I know or don’t know just coming up and grabbing at me–like my baby bump is not actually a part of me.  For anybody that knows me, I have a VERY big personal bubble.  Truthfully I do not really even like hugging..Big Bubble.  Having people that I know or don’t know come up to me and ask to touch me or just flat out grab at me makes me very uncomfortable.  I do not know where people have decided that once you become pregnant your belly is no longer yours-but let me tell you, it is still your belly and having people grab at you continuously is obnoxious.  I have not met a to be mom who enjoys somebody just reaching out and touching them, so please let’s avoid doing that.
  4. “Why would you have a baby if your just going to put it in daycare?” Or “If you don’t work after having a baby you will be so broke that you won’t even be able to afford a baby; babies are very expensive.” This is a personal decision, much like having the pain medication vs. going natural.  It is nobody’s business what I do with my baby and whether or not I put her in daycare should be nobody else’s concern.  There are pros and cons to both sides of the coin and James and I decided one way and that’s what we are doing. It should only matter if the immediate family (meaning Mom and Dad) is ok with the decision that is made.  Yes–babies are slightly more expensive, but they are only as expensive as you, the parent, make them.  Cut some other things out of your daily life and BAM diapers are paid for.
  5. “Oh you should not be lifting/doing/saying/ect. that, your pregnant.” And “Just let people wait on you, your pregnant.” This is one of my favorites. I have been hearing this since day one.  Many times I want to tell people that I am pregnant, I am not dying–I can still do it all by myself.  I understand that there are certain things that I should not be doing, and I stopped doing them.  But I am still more than capable of doing most things on my own. I am a very independent person and do not want to have people wait on me–its awkward and rather boring.  My doctor and I have discussed what I am able to do and what I am no longer able to do.  Like my husband said (half jokingly, but is true) “The Indian women worked in the fields, had the baby, and went back to work.” People have been having normal, healthy babies for centuries and they did not have anybody waiting on them.  I do not need anybody to wait on me either.  That being said, if I do need help, I do ask for it, I am not reckless.

February is Heart Awareness Month

Every month I change the bulletin board at work–ONE of my favorite things to do!  Like I have said before, I can put whatever I want up on my board outside of my fitness center.  The past few months have been things like “how to destress” or “how to beat the winter blues”–so this month, since it is Heart Awareness Month, I thought I would change it up and go back to some educational information.  Heart Awareness Month is actually all about heart disease, how to prevent it, and how to manage it if you have it, but that seemed rather depressing since I work in a place where 70% of the people have some sort of heart issue.  So I decided to go with how the heart pumps blood through our body and how the heart contracts.  I made the bulletin board interactive this month too! I am quite impressed with it, the residents seemed to like it as I was putting it up on Friday, and my coworkers were quite impressed!

photo (7).JPG

February Bulletin Board.

You can lift up the lungs to see the location of the heart in our body and once you lift the heart up you can see how the blood flows through our lungs!  It has everything you have ever wanted to know about your heart, right?!

At the start of the new year I started ‘Wise and Well’ Wellness Newsletter.  I am currently working on writing them through May for sure, but hopefully June as well. That way my coworkers won’t have to do do that while I am gone.  I am half way through May, so it is looking good!  It’s kind of bitter sweet–this is the last bulletin board I will do until June! One of my coworkers is taking over that duty until I get back.   This month contains D-Day and I will have 12 weeks off after my little angel is born.  My last day of work is February 19th–her due date, but honestly at this point I am hoping she is early. I will be going back to work the middle of May and will be going back part time. I will be working Monday and Wednesday 8:00am to 4:30pm and Fridays 8:00am to 12:00pm.  I am quite excited that my boss let me drop down to part time, that way Baby M is only in daycare for 2.5 days! When I get back I will be very busy, but it will be a blast! Here is my new schedule–and NEW exercise classes!!

8-9:30am Supervised Gym Hours
10-11:00am Chair Exercise
12:30-1:00pm Lunch (The most important part of the day!!)
NEW!!! 1:15-3:00pm Hike around the Valley somewhere with the independent living residents in the summer and in the winter we will have a weight lifting class from 2:30 to 3:30pm.

8-9:30am Supervised Gym Hours
10-11:00am Chair Exercise
12:30-1:00pm Lunch
NEW!! 2:30-3:30pm Weight Lifting Class

8-9:30am Supervised Gym Hours
10-11:00am Chair Exercise
Home with my little girl by 12:30!!

During my down times I will work on my bulletin board if it is close to the end of the month, or work on my monthly newsletter.

I could not be more thrilled about my new schedule and so thankful that my boss thinks so highly of me that she allowed me to go to part time!

Bump Watch

Week 35:

I start going to the doctor every week now, which actually takes a surprisingly long time.  I never realized how long you wait in doctors offices until I started going every few weeks and now once a week.  But I have to say, my doctor is worth the wait, she is great! I told her at my last appointment that I need to go into labor when she is on call so that she can deliver my baby.  Baby M is active, healthy, and dropping!! She dropped a ton and I have officially started the waddling stage.

I think this week I have experienced every emotion in the book! Extreme happiness, extreme discomfort, anger, and sadness.  And lucky for James he witnessed every one of them!  I have gotten to the point where almost everything is rather uncomfortable, it doesn’t hurt, I would just rather not do it anymore. Sleeping is uncomfortable, sitting is uncomfortable, chair exercise at work isn’t comfortable anymore, and standing for too long now gets uncomfortable because my feet are getting swollen.  My sister reminded me the other day of how excited I was to be pregnant–well it isn’t all sunshine and roses like I had imagined.  It’s real and while it is crazy that my body can do this kind of thing and I am sure it is all going to be worth it; this week I was over just about everything.

Earlier this wee I fell asleep on the couch (like normal) but this time when James woke me up to go to sleep I was very uncomfortable and everything ached.  Being overly tired I started to have a mental freak out–not too noticeable from the outside (I don’t think) but I was freaking out in my head BIG TIME.  When we got to bed I was not able to find a comfortable spot and kept moving around and my mental freak out was getting worse.  This whole time James had his hand on my back and he finally told me that it is ok to cry, I told him it would not help anything so there isn’t any point.  He then said its ok, he knows how badly I want to cry (side note–don’t say that to a very emotional pregnant girl who is having a mental freak out and trying to hold it together).  I looked at him and started to bawl!

Needless to say this may not have been one of my best or favorite weeks of pregnancy.

Week 36:

This week Baby M is the size of a honeydew melon and is about 18.5 inches long and weighs approximately 6 pounds!
TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: +35 pounds.
My doctor promises me that most of the excess weight gain now is water retention–which I might believe considering none of my shoes/boots/flats/running shoes or wedding band fit very well anymore. That happened almost over night!  But I have to say, the sweets are also calling my name at.every.hour.of.every.day..so there is always that too.
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Yes and now the only thing I can comfortably wear are my two pairs of maternity leggings and James shirts–so finding something and getting dressed in the morning for work is a chore.
SLEEP: Not a whole lot–I am sleeping on the couch by about 7:30pm and awake all night because Baby M is on my bladder and then I finally get up around 5:30am or 6:00am because laying on my side is very uncomfortable now.
STRETCH MARKS?: Not yet! I am almost there! PLEASE HOLD OUT SKIN!!  Although some days it feels as though the skin under my sternum might just rip open horizontally–I might skip the stretch marks and go straight for the explosion..who knows.
BEST MOMENT: Hands down: The moment when James felt Baby M kick for the first time and the expression on his face.
MISS ANYTHING? Walking normally (without waddling), Subway (Yes, I still can not wait until I can feed my addiction again), having a closet full of clothes to wear, being able to go to the gym and working out or go for a run, sleeping on my stomach, and bending over without fear of smashing my little girl or breaking her in half!  Yes follks! I have officially hit the stage in pregnancy where I am done. DONE. I want to meet her, I want my body back–BRING ON THE LABOR PAINS! I AM READY!
MOVEMENT: She is an active little bugger! If she doesn’t change her sleeping schedule pretty soon I will be a mom with a very active girl in the middle of the night.  
 No crazy cravings these past few weeks–minus the sugar high Baby M seems need to need all the time (I know it’s not me who needs it..hmm)  Apples and cottage cheese are still my go to snacks though.
My poor feet and toes and now kankles are like little sausages and by the end of the day I have sock impressions along my entire foot.
LABOR SIGNS:   Braxton Hick contractions over the past week and some pressure low–maybe a few minor cramps.  My doctor is not worried, so neither am I.
SYMPTOMS: Weight gain and swollen ankles, feet, hands, and toes. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary.
MOOD:  Over the pregnancy thing–now I just want to meet my little girl and move on!  I can imagine what she looks like, but I don’t want to get attached to what I THINK she should look like in case she looks completely different.
EXCITED FOR: To be done being pregnant and of course to MEET MY LITTLE GIRL!!  I can not wait–she will be perfect! James and I have MAYBE almost picked out a name for her–but you will have to wait until she is born.  We have not agreed on ANY names since the beginning, and the other day I was able to get a “well that’s not a horrible name” out of James.  So I think he is processing it now and I am hoping it sticks!
Start of week 37.  Front view too!!
(Please excuse the toilet in the background.)

Welcome to my New Normal

Since getting pregnant my life has changed quite a bit–obviously.  I have not ran since I found out I was pregnant, it started off because I did not want to cause a miscarriage (even though mentally I knew it would not increase my risk since I ran before it) and then it was not a comfortable feeling trying to run with a growing belly.  More recently we have put my gym membership on hold because I have not been going for the past 1.5 months–walking on the treadmill was getting incredibly boring.  I still waddle on the treadmill at work every once in awhile.  Teaching my exercise class is getting quite hard and I am doing more telling and sitting, than telling and doing.

Another new normal?? Take a gander at this!

photo 3 (9)
I have a built in table!  I can put the plate on my stomach and its completely flat and upright!  Its perfect! I can almost shovel the food into my mouth now!

My wardrobe has shrunk even more in the past month–I haven’t been able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes for the past 3 months and now I can not wear half of my maternity clothes.  Luckily my coworkers and the residents understand that I wear the same thing week after week.

Brinks–the black lab/beagle mix has recently been sleeping on the floor in the baby’s room during the day.   She is always very interested in what I am doing in there and looks in the crib every once in awhile.  Maddie, the golden retriever, still doesn’t realize anything is going to change.  At night the dogs have been snuggling on their dog bed.  Maddie always lays down first and Brinks will squeeze her way onto the bed.

photo 2 (10)Maddie looks very unimpressed that Brinks is laying on top of her.  Brinks on the other hand looks quite comfy.

I have also been spending a lot of time in Baby M’s room. We don’t have anything baby-ish on the walls yet, but we have all the furniture in it!  Like I have said before, our changing table is my grandparents old dry sink and I love it!

photo 1 (9)

Yesterday James brought home this gem–John Deere cowgirl boots.  One of his friends, who is also having a little girl this month, had two pairs so he thought that our little girl would like them too. I must admit, I am not a big fan of these, but hey, you never know–my daughter may look great in them!