Our House


If you are interested in our ever changing house (and projects) just look below!  My husband and I do a lot of projects on our own, and for the most part, we work very well together.  When we start a project it takes a while for both of us to get on the same page; he likes to be very precise and wants to know the exact dimensions and can visualize a project with just a sheet of numbers.  I am a very visual person and I draw the design out and then add the numbers–and for some reason James can NEVER figure out what I am actually doing (and before you ask, yes, my drawings do look like our project).   Between the two of us, we have a tendency to jump right into the project head on.  James, for the most part, is the builder and I am the finer touches, paint, angling the wood the correct direction, or making sure that the design and execution is up to my our standard. We have been lucky so far, all the house projects we embark in have turned out quite well.

Here is what have worked on!


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