Has it really been 8 months since we last talked?!

Wowa! How did time get away from me? It’s been since August! Our life has changed substantially over the past 8ish months! My sweet baby started to crawl in late September and she started to walk 3 days after her first birthday in February! cupcakeMy little bug at her first birthday, very excited about her first cupcake. Although I have to admit, she was much more interested and fascinated by all the attention she was getting and was feeding off of it like crazy!

In addition to these huge milestones she is babbling like crazy and says “mamma,” “dada,” “daa” (for dog), “hi,” and her latest word is “uh-oh” although sometimes she forgets the “oh” part.  She has been baptized, is a swimming fiend, and loves to be outside!  She loves outside so much that she uses the doggie door to get outside.  My husband and I are convinced she thinks she is a dog.


Interestingly, she is quite agile going out the door and very quiet (sometimes I don’t even hear her, she loves to sit by the patio door, so most of the time I think she is doing just that). She knows she is not supposed to go out the door, however she just can not help herself when her two doggies go out. She loves to feel the wind in her hair (what little hair she has), loves to play in the grass and dirt, and chases the dogs around the yard with a tennis ball.  I was actually quite surprised how quickly she learned to run over unstable ground!

James has been extremely busy with his landscape business and loves every bit of it.  He just won a bid for the landscape and irrigation for a new school that is going to be built next summer!! This summer he is extremely busy with all the houses and one large, 80-plex apartment complex that is being built right now. I have been enjoying my work, teaching my exercise classes and am very excited to start my summer hikes with the residents. I did some investigating the other day and I found out that the average age in my exercise class is 89 years old! I love working part time, although some days I can not understand how time gets away from me!

As much as I would love to rewind and tell you all about the last 8 months in full detail, it is not realistic. I would never catch up to my current happenings and would always be playing catch up.  So let’s just make a deal and start from right now and I will continue to fill you in from now on.


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