Five Great Grandparents

Today I was thinking about how lucky Madelyn actually is. Not only does she have 4 very attentive, loving grandparents, but she also has 5 great grandparents! That does not happen very often! Even though, at times it seems as though they are millions of miles away, she has still had the opportunity to spend time with each one of her great grandparents. Although, I think everybody involved would admit it is not much as we would like.  Little miss Montana has grandparents in Minnesota and California and great grandparents in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and California–see the problem?  We try to see everybody as much and as often as we can, but life (and let’s be realistic, money) seem to hinder that a tad.  Both sets of her grandparents come to Southwest Montana whenever time allows in their busy schedules and we try to go see grandparents and great grandparents when time allows us.

I must admit, it is much easier to go visit her family in Minnesota and even Wisconsin because it is a quick plane ride (2 hours and 20 minutes to be exact) NONSTOP to Minneapolis.  California on the other hand, well even my husband admitted, we may not be doing that very often while Madelyn is so little.  There is always a connecting flight and 90% of the time we are delayed for one reason or another and have to sit in an airport for a good 3-5 hours before our next flight. The last time we went to California we waited in Salt Lake for 9 hours! NINE HOURS with a 9 month old!! That was probably the hardest nine hours of our parenting careers! In all the trip took over 16 hours; it would have been faster to drive the 14 hours back to Northern California–and probably less stressful!

We are very blessed to have family that adore Madelyn so dearly! This spring Madelyn and I will be heading back to Minnesota for a long weekend to visit her aunts and uncles, grandparents, and I believe both sets (4 out of 5) of her great grandparents will make an appearance too! Nobody has seen Madelyn run around yet, so it will be very exciting! In June my in-laws house will be done (they purchased a house a few miles from us) and they will be here a lot this summer–hopefully California grandma great will be able to come for a visit too!  Late July our little family of three will be meeting the rest of my side of the family up in Canada at a fly in fishing camp for a week where she will get to experience all the exciting things I did every time we went there growing up! I am particularly excited for Canada because there will be 4 generations up there celebrating one of the best times a family can have together in one of the most cherished places my family has.  And lastly, this fall James is planning on taking Madelyn to California for a long weekend (all by himself!).  He is nervous about it but he also see’s the merit in it; his grandma is 93 years old and may not be able to travel to Montana this summer with his parents.


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