Keeping up with Life

Our little family of three has been busy the last 6 months…

I never really thought that I could be so busy!  I know people tell you once you have a baby that your life will never be the same and you run out of time continuously, but I guess it is one of those things that you have to experience before you get it.  Every spare moment I have seems to be instantly filled with something, whether it’s sweeping the floor, doing the dishes, sitting, or petting the dogs–yes, I now pencil in time to pet the dogs.  Work has been going great–busy, but wonderful. My chair fitness has been going great, we have an average of 26 people; functional strength (weight lifting) is picking up steam, and summer hikes are a blast! We are going all over the valley, one step at a time!

James  and one of his old coworkers started their own business three weeks before baby M arrived.  He has been extremely busy and has been working 6 to 7 days a week on a normal basis.  Baby M looooves to hang out with daddy when he is home. All I have to do is say “Daddy!” and she gets so excited and starts to smile and/or laugh!  (I am still holding out that her first word is going to be “mamamama…” but at this point I am not holding my breath–turns out my daughter is a total daddys girl!)  James has been having a blast working but doing landscaping is very tough. He no longer likes the hot, sunny, 90 degree days like I do!

Baby M is as busy as the rest of us! She has been busy talking, laughing, and eating her feet! She is also figuring out how to sit up all by herself! In addition–she is EATING! Eating real food!  She loves it!  I have not been following the “rule” of introducing one food per week, starting with the vegetables.  She started off eating ice cream at my grandparents house in July.  Since then she has had croutons, french fries, sucked on a pickle, and has eaten real baby food.  I decided awhile ago that we were going to make her baby food since the packs or jars of food are super expensive.  So we bought a baby bullet (yes we caved for the baby expensive bullet, but the jars are so cute with the smiley faces on them and I couldn’t resist.)  Baby M has had bananas, apples, peaches, peas, carrots, sweat potatoes, and avocado–she is a big fan of all of them! Each morning we have a 2 ounce jar of a fruit with rice cereal in it; at night we have a vegetable or two.  She is a big eater!

Baby M is also quite an active little thing! She laughs at and loves the dogs–giggles whenever they walk past her or come up to her. She also acts pretty hurt when they walk right past her without looking at her.  At 6 months old she is able to sit up all by herself and I can tell she is very proud!  Her newest trick is getting her diaper off. The other day I thought it was just a fluke that she got the tab pulled off, so I put it back on, then it happened again and again.  I turned around for 10 seconds and she had gotten her diaper completely off and was rolling after my two dogs LAUGHING!



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