Getting back to “Real Life”

I went back to work two weeks ago–Baby M was 12 weeks old when I went back.  It was pretty hard leaving her, luckily my mom was able to come for the month of May to ease me into somebody else watching Madelyn and her actually going to daycare, starting June 1st.  YIKES!  The first day back at work I had a really hard time until I started teaching my exercise class, then everything fell into place and while I missed her with all my heart, it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I am lucky and only have to work part time–2.5 days which means I teach my chair fitness class, weekly hikes, and a functional strength class (because if I call it what it actually is, weight lifting, none of my 80+ year old residents would come, because women are not supposed to have have to love this generation!!)  Being able to be at home with Madelyn is great! She is growing so much and it is so much fun to see her change daily!  She is trying to roll over, sit up, and is very animated!   She is getting close to laughing and I can not wait until that happens!



Her first flight to Minnesota to visit aunts, uncles, and great grandparents!


Her first hike!!






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