Life with Baby M

Where has the last 10 weeks gone?!  I can not believe our little girl is 10 weeks old! She has grown quite a bit and has changed immensely!  She is probably close to 10 pounds now and smiles and babbles like there is no tomorrow! She is even having trouble sleeping because she is too excited that she can talk. Baby M is a ton of fun and James and I are loving seeing her change daily!  I can honestly not tell you what I did with all of my time before she was born.  Nowadays our lives consist of changing diapers, feeding, playing, and sleeping. James loves to try to make Baby M smiles and he just melts when she does smile at him!  Getting up at all hours of the night is not as bad as it used to be, I think it is just routine now and most of the time when I do go get her in the middle of the night to feed her she looks at me and smiles and now even coos at me! It is adorable!!

Baby M’s personality is starting to shine!!  She has been a very curious and happy baby since day one; always looking around at her new world and the only time she cries is when she is hungry.  Baby M gets hangry very quickly–she is a lot like Mommy in that way I am afraid.  Now she is starting to figure out chewing on her thumb, will master sucking her thumb shortly I am sure, and it happens to be her left hand that she always goes for. James and I are betting that she is left handed like her uncle, grandpa great, and a second cousin on my side of the family.  All the lefty’s I know are exceptional so we expect that beautiful Baby M will be no different!  Baby M is also extremely independent already! She loves her cuddles in the morning right when she gets up and again right before she goes to sleep. Otherwise she likes to be left to do what she pleases and does not like the constraints of somebody holding her–she is a big fan of laying on the floor or in her bouncy chair.  She wants to be wiggling and kicking her arms and legs and look around where ever she pleases.  She is also extremely social.  She will sit in her bouncy chair and chit chat with you for quite a while and hand out many, many full faced smiles like the one below after I dressed her in her St. Patrick’s Day best!  IMG_0347.JPGJames and I have been very fortunate, we have two very supportive families that are willing to help us any way possible, even when both families are 14 hours away!  My parents and James parents have come out to visit and have plans to visit multiple times this summer, and I was fortunate enough to be able to go back to Minnesota to visit my family for a week and a half before I start going back to work again in May (YIKES!).  We have been flooded with clothes for our cute baby because one of my older cousins has two girls and she has been handing down clothes upon clothes for Baby M!  I love hand-me-downs! IMG_0306

Baby M loves to go on hikes, runs, and just enjoys being outside! James and I are going to get a baby life vest for her so that the three of us can go by the river or float down the river–a favorite past time for mom and dad!





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