Welcome to my New Normal

Since getting pregnant my life has changed quite a bit–obviously.  I have not ran since I found out I was pregnant, it started off because I did not want to cause a miscarriage (even though mentally I knew it would not increase my risk since I ran before it) and then it was not a comfortable feeling trying to run with a growing belly.  More recently we have put my gym membership on hold because I have not been going for the past 1.5 months–walking on the treadmill was getting incredibly boring.  I still waddle on the treadmill at work every once in awhile.  Teaching my exercise class is getting quite hard and I am doing more telling and sitting, than telling and doing.

Another new normal?? Take a gander at this!

photo 3 (9)
I have a built in table!  I can put the plate on my stomach and its completely flat and upright!  Its perfect! I can almost shovel the food into my mouth now!

My wardrobe has shrunk even more in the past month–I haven’t been able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes for the past 3 months and now I can not wear half of my maternity clothes.  Luckily my coworkers and the residents understand that I wear the same thing week after week.

Brinks–the black lab/beagle mix has recently been sleeping on the floor in the baby’s room during the day.   She is always very interested in what I am doing in there and looks in the crib every once in awhile.  Maddie, the golden retriever, still doesn’t realize anything is going to change.  At night the dogs have been snuggling on their dog bed.  Maddie always lays down first and Brinks will squeeze her way onto the bed.

photo 2 (10)Maddie looks very unimpressed that Brinks is laying on top of her.  Brinks on the other hand looks quite comfy.

I have also been spending a lot of time in Baby M’s room. We don’t have anything baby-ish on the walls yet, but we have all the furniture in it!  Like I have said before, our changing table is my grandparents old dry sink and I love it!

photo 1 (9)

Yesterday James brought home this gem–John Deere cowgirl boots.  One of his friends, who is also having a little girl this month, had two pairs so he thought that our little girl would like them too. I must admit, I am not a big fan of these, but hey, you never know–my daughter may look great in them!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to my New Normal

    • yes, it is! 🙂

      I have the cutest summer outfit for her from a coworker of James–I just need to get a bigger size, but I will send you a picture of it! It’s adorable!

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