James and I have not been doing our normal winter activities of snowshoeing or skiing since I can’t get my snow pants on and that in its self makes it quite hard to go outside for an extended period of time in the cold, wet, snow. And lets not forget the fact that bending over to try to put snowshoes on or ski boots on is quite a daunting thought–and skiing is probably not the best idea anyways since my center of gravity has shifted SLIGHTLY.

This past weekend was marvelous!  It snowed a few times during the week so it was fluffy, white snow. On Sunday the sun decided to make an appearance and it warmed up to 36 degrees! So James decided he would go fishing and take our fishing dog–Brinks with him.  Sadly, Maddie, our other dog, thinks fishing is a fun game and chases the lures, so she stays home.  I thought that I should go with him since it was so nice out! So we ventured over to the river that is about 5 minutes away from our house and go fishing.  Well realistically, James went fishing and Brinks and I walked around in the snow and I threw some sticks for her to go find in the deep snow.

photo 3 (7)

Ahhh yes, glorious day!

When James and Brinks go fishing alone (in the summer) she stays right next to James in the water and watches him fish.  She was getting a little stressed out because he was too far out for her to reach him, but she kept trying. She even managed to get out into the middle of the river but was still to far away from James.  She broke through the ice occasionally but luckily it was only up to her chest, so she climbed right back out onto the shelf ice.

When we got home Maddie was very stressed out, so we took both dogs for a walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed the nice sunny day.


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