Baby Shower #2

My very thoughtful coworkers thought that I needed a baby shower in Montana since it is my first baby. I thought that one shower was enough–but they did not think so. I had my second baby shower this past week at my coworkers house with fellow coworkers and some of my friends who were able to make it on a Wednesday night!  It was a lot of fun and I think everybody enjoyed it.

photo 1 (6)

My coworker laughed then she showed me the cake because I guess the cake makers could not understand why I did not want a pink cake if I was having a girl. I love this one!!

I feel so blessed to have such great coworkers and friends, I was given so many more clothes and great gifts! I do not know how to thank them!

The hat is a handmade hat from one of the nurses that I work with. It has a pink ribbon at the bottom with little pink flowers in it. Very cute!  The dress is for when my little girl is 9 months old, I think it is perfect!

photo 3 (6)
This is all the gifts from the baby shower.  Brinks was very interested in the shampoos and lotions.  Again, I feel very blessed to have such great (and generous) people around me!


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