Bump Watch

Week 33

I think I have hit the time in pregnancy when many to be moms say that they are done being pregnant. I am getting very excited to meet our little girl!  A few weeks ago I was getting very nervous about the delivery, as my husband was getting more and more excited to have a little girl.  (Roles switched–at first he was terrified to have a little girl, I was excited!)  But luckily my attitude? (I’m not sure that’s the right word) has changed and I am not too worried about the labor and delivery–I am more excited to meet her!

So what’s new this week?  Well not a whole a lot, however some symptoms have been getting worse.  Like what you ask?  Well turns out carrying an extra 30 pounds around makes it impossible to wear my cute flat shoes anymore. I made the horrible mistake of wearing them to work the other day and holy cow!! half way through the day my feet hurt so badly.  Both of my arches were screaming at me and I did not want to walk around anymore.  In addition, my calves have been cramping repeatedly each night due to the extra weight they have to carry around.  Luckily the cramps go away if I straighten my foot out in bed, but it is still rather uncomfortable.  Waddling.  Yes–I have hit the waddling stage of pregnancy!  Every once in awhile I will catch myself at work waddling down the hallway; luckily I am able to semi correct my walking once I realize what I am doing still.  Baby M is pushing all of my organs into my lungs–I am finding it quite hard to breathe if I am doing too much, but it does not happen all the time.  Wednesday exercise class pretty tough, I had to stop and breathe every once in awhile in the middle of class. Talking and exercising seems to be getting harder.  Luckily my class is VERY understanding and they are taking the stance of “Do as I say, not what I do.”  Perfect!

Lately we have had a lot of people ask us what her name is going to be.  Well guys, we were never actually going to tell anybody what her name is going to be until she has arrived.  Frankly we did not want an input or criticism about her name and we figured if we wait until she is born, everybody will be so in love that it won’t really matter what her name is. But, even if we were going to share her name we could not yet–we have not come to an agreement on ANY names as of yet.  I just keep telling people who ask that we have not figured out a name yet and it may end up being whoever gets to the birth certificate first. I tell them that I may have the nurses give James the epidural so he is unable to walk to the birth certificate and I can choose her name!  We will see!

Also–Baby M’s room is getting closer to being done! Pictures to come once we are done!

Week 34

This week Baby M is the size of a cantaloupe and is about 18 inches long!
TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: +30 pounds.
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Yes and now they are getting too small, only about half of my maternity clothes are fitting now.
SLEEP: Nada! Once I have Baby M I am going to lay on my stomach for about 4 days straight!! I can not wait!
STRETCH MARKS?: Not yet! Thank you Baby M.
BEST MOMENT: Hands down: The moment when James felt Baby M kick for the first time and the expression on his face.
MISS ANYTHING? Bending over and reaching the floor, my feet, boots, ect.  I have however, been getting quite creative of how to get things done that are close to the floor.  I am determined to be able to do these things all by myself still!
MOVEMENT: She is an active little bugger! 
 Oh man! I had a killer craving this past weekend! I wanted a cake donut from Powder Ridge–a ski hill that I used to teach at! Sadly, it is in Minnesota and that was not an option.  I then preceded to eat EVERYTHING insight trying to compensate my craving.  It failed miserably and in the end I felt extremely sick.  Literally everything.  Yogurt, apples, carrots, pretzels, a whole bag of potato chips, sandwich, Hot Tamales, and brownies.  Yes–I was one sick puppy after that lovely binge. 
I’m sure there is something, but I can not think of anything at the moment.
SYMPTOMS: My ribs and where my ab muscles insert into my sternum are extremely sore and tender to the touch.  But the good news! My back has not hurt! Waawhoo!!
MOOD:  Overall happy–especially when I get a full nights sleep!
EXCITED FOR: To meet our little girl!
This week Baby M must have been pushing on my stomach, because I did get sick and threw up twice this week.  I felt fine up until the very last second and one time I threw up she moved drastically about 30 seconds before I had that insane urge to throw up.  Bummer.
photo (5).JPG
I was given this cute little giraffe (that plays a tune) from one of the head chefs at work. He was very excited to show me that this little guys head moves when the music plays.  It is very soft.  Ernie–our squeeze head is happy to have a friend as well.
photo 5 (3).JPG
Start of week 35.

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