Bump Watch

Week 29:

I have been feeling quite large these past few weeks and of course this week is not any different.  My maternity pants are getting very tight and my shirts are just plain tight.  I had a male coworker ask me when do I “start the waddling phase of pregnancy?”  I told him I did not know but if I start to waddle, please let me know.  It was actually a rather awkward conversation since I really haven’t had many conversations with him.

My exercise class is getting harder and harder to do. I can still teach it just fine, however it is becoming very hard to show the residents the exercises because I can not bend, twisting is getting harder, and baby M is pushing on my lungs so talking and exercising is getting tough.  Luckily all of my residents are very understanding and most of them have an idea of what we are doing.  The new residents are ok watching the other residents do the exercise and I will help them if they need additional help.

I have also started to experience swelling my my hands and feet. I was wearing boots the other day and noticed how incredibly tight they were getting, I took my boots off and low and behold my feet and toes looked like little sausages.  My finger are also starting to swell, however not to the point where I need to take my ring off (yet anyways). I was talking to my boss and she said she started to swell way before I did, so maybe winter is doing some good for me!  I have also been hot for the past two week–I finally hit the stage in pregnancy that I was hearing about! Being that it is winter, I am not minding being hot most of the time, especially because none of my jackets can be zipped up.   Lastly, I have also been getting killer cramps in my calves and feet while I am sleeping. I have come to the conclusion that it is due to the 24 extra pounds I am carrying around all day. I drink a TON of water and eat a lot of potassium–baby is a big fan of bananas.

Week 30:

Baby M is the size of a large cabbage; on average she is 3 to 4 pounds and 15 3/4 inches long this week.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  +24 pounds
SLEEP: Minimal, I am always going to the bathroom, switching sides, or just laying awake uncomfortably.  Last night I played two hours worth of soduko puzzles at 1:30am…
BEST MOMENT: Hands down: The moment when James felt Baby M kick for the first time and the expression on his face.
MISS ANYTHING? Sleeping on my stomach.  Lately I have been missing moving things, shoveling snow, and bending over normally.
MOVEMENT: She is an active little bugger! 
 Cottage cheese is still Baby M’s favorite!!  
Constipation and post delivery hemorrhoids.  No I do not have either but I have been having to take extra iron supplements the last few weeks and constipation is a side effect of too much iron.  I have a cereal and cereal bars that are high in fiber–however I am not enjoying the fact that the cereal really just tastes like I am eating tree bark and dirt.
LABOR SIGNS:   No more signs of labor since I started to feel better.
SYMPTOMS: My ribs and where my ab muscles insert into my sternum.
MOOD:  Overall happy–especially when I get a full nights sleep!
EXCITED FOR: To go to Minnesota over Christmas and show off my GROWING baby bump! It will be the last trip James and I go on as a two person family household!
photo (4)
30 weeks. Please excuse my hair, I threw it up when I got home and I guess I did not do anything with it before the picture.
I wanted a measurement of how big around I have been getting.  In my rudimentary way of measuring I stood sideways in the bathroom doorway. I am half as wide as the bathroom door, crazy huh?
A constant new this week? Heart burn.  Starting last week I have been getting quite a bit of heart burn–with almost anything I eat. Luckily James answered the phone when I could not figure out what was going on because I was debating whether or not I was having a heart attack at first.  The saddest news of the day–chocolate is giving me heart burn now too! NOOOOOO!

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