A Little of This and a Little of That

Well if you have not noticed it is getting closer and closer to Christmas!  It also means that I am getting closer to having our little baby girl.  I am 30 weeks pregnant now–a new “Bump Watch” is coming up this week.

I decorated the house for Christmas right after Thanksgiving–literally, the day after Thanksgiving.  We normally go into the woods and get a tree from the Forest Service but this year James thought it would be better if we were not trekking through the woods over ice and snow.  This year we went to Lowe’s and got a Christmas tree.  Not my first choice but I thought I would give James this one.  Needless to say, our tree does look marvelous and does not have any large gaps in it this year–however we do not have enough lights or ornaments to cover the tree, but being rather “cheap” I did not want to buy anymore and just made do.

photo 1 (2)
Christmas tree, I do enjoy the Scandinavian decorations–the wood or straw ornaments, red and white, simple, red/white bells…

I have not bought too many clothes for our little girl since everybody have bought so many clothes, but while I was at Target and saw this little outfit I could not resist.

photo 3 (2)

Normally I am not a fan of pink, however, the adorable pink and black leggings were far too cute for me to pass up.  James even thought it was quite cute and could not stop touching the pink sweatshirt–it is extremely soft!!

photo 4

Lastly, will you take a gander at this!?  During the winter our pups like to snuggle up next with each other to stay cozy.  Sometimes Brinks is laying ON TOP OF Maddie, other times they are snuggling side by side.


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