Snow Globes and Bulletin Boards

We have been very busy at work with the holidays.  My exercise class has been getting an average of 25 residents each class–with the record most at 30 still.  All of my residents love the class, even if they do not show it as we are exercising.  I always have residents telling me how much it is helping them stay limber, strong, and able to do daily activities.  Both my boss and the vice president of the retirement home are very excited to see the growth and enthusiasm that the residents are showing in regards to my class!

Other than exercise class I have been staying plenty busy at work. On Friday’s (after exercise) my boss and I will take residents out to lunch in town, go to a movie–the latest was “Love the Coopers”, we went on picnics this summer, hikes, and in January we are taking the residents out for happy hour downtown!  I also do activities every Friday with the residents in the assisted living portion of the retirement home.  This Friday we are making snow globes–which are adorable if I do say so myself!

photo 2 (1)
First the residents get to pick their character to put into their snow globe. Their character will go with a large and small tree.

photo 1 (1)
Then I will use the hot glue gun to glue these three objects into place at the top of a mason jar.

I will fill up their mason jar with water, the resident will be able to pick the color and amount of glitter to put into their snow globe, and then we will screw the top on the mason jar. Flip it over, add ribbon, and enjoy!

photo 3 (1)
Ta-da! Home made snow globes that I think the residents will love to make and shake this holiday season!!

You have to admit, they are quite cute!

I have not talked about my bulletin board outside of the fitness center in a long time, but I still change it monthly.  In October I had a board titled “Spooky Facts about our Heart”.  That was a popular one! It talked about how many miles of blood vessels we have, how much blood gets pumped through our body each hour, how many times our heart beats in an average lifetime….

November’s bulletin board talked about how to become a more thankful person–and I even remembered to take a picture of it.

photo (3)
I really enjoy doing these! I can do whatever I want and cut out whatever type of pictures I want too.

December is “How to Destress during the Holidays.” I will take a picture of it and post it soon!


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