Bump Watch

Week 27:

I have been growing like crazy! My maternity pants are getting rather snug across my butt and thighs–my boss (who just had a baby 3 months ago) said the same thing happened to her at 7 months.  Since becoming pregnant and looking at other pregnant people have come to the conclusion that some people gain the extra weight in their face, arms, and abdomen/low back area and others gain weight in their thighs and butt.  I have also decided that you will gain the extra weight from pregnancy where ever you are predisposed to gain it normally.  For me, and my family, as many of the the women in my family can attest to, we gain our extra weight in the butt and thighs.  There are a LOT of pregnant people in Southwest Montana–its a baby boom here!  So it was very easy to observe the different weight gain patterns..and no, I did not ask them any questions–just looked and guessed from the proportions, real scientific I know. The local hospital put out a newsletter saying this year is one of the largest baby growths in our quickly growing city!

I have also gotten used to my lovely (and I mean that honestly) residents coming up to me GLEAMING with joy and telling me how fat I have been getting!  When this first started I was completely shocked and mortified that my residents saw me getting “fat” but after a while I realized that them calling me fat was a complement; kind of like a “WAY TO GO! YOU LOOK HEALTHY AND BABY IS HEALTHY TOO!” kind of cheer!  The generational age gap is truly showing here.  Now when residents tell me this, I take it as a complement and say thank you, yes we are growing quite well! And yes, it happens on a regular basis.  This week I have been having a lot of residents getting quite nervous that I am still teaching exercise classes in “my condition.”  My condition is becoming a popular topic among the 150 residents in our retirement community.  I have had residents tell me not to push, pull, or carry ANYTHING and that I should not be walking as much as I do–one even offered me his scooter to get around in.  I must admit, that would be fun!  The best one, most recently, was on a cold and icy morning outside.  I had a resident, truly concerned, come up to me and tell me that I should not be at work in my condition when the roads are icy and when it is this cold outside (it was about 2 degrees that morning).  She told me that management should not have made me come in.  I told her to let the vice president and my boss know and then report back to me on the results–maybe I could get all winter off?! Well to my surprise, she actually did talk to the vice president about it.  The vice president came up to me and told me, sadly he can not allow that.  We both had a laugh over it because the residents have been giving him a hard time about “my condition” and what I should and should not be doing as well.  The vice president loves how committed the residents are and how invested they get in his employees.  I think it is great! It makes each and every day quite interesting! You never know what is going to come out of their mouths!

James and I have been working on the baby’s room this week too.  We have a rug (waaawhooo!) and her changing table is all set. I think we have finally settled on a crib and rocking chair as well–but have not purchased them yet.  My wonderful sister has been spoiling our daughter already and has bought a massive amount of clothes for her; I have a feeling her closet will be over flowing with lovingly bought clothes soon!

photo (2)
A sneak peak of what is yet to come!

Like I have said before, I have a very great family (on both sides) that are more than willing to spoil us with wonderful things!  Baby M is no exception!  My very talented grandma knit these lovely little dogs that you see on the changing table and my mom made the perfect little burp rags!  Our changing table is the dry sink from my grandmas house! It will work perfectly and I adore it in her room!

This week was exceptionally hard for me in terms of pregnancy pain.  I really have not had all that much pain or discomfort (minus mental discomfort) since the morning sickness subsided.  My lower ribs and where my abdominal muscles attach to my sternum have been hurting quite a bit when I am sitting or sleeping for too long.  Sometimes it just throbs, sometimes there is numbness radiating from my ribs into my back, and the worst is when there is a shooting burning pain from my ribs into my back. I find it rather annoying that by 3:00am I am done sleeping due to the pain. I have been getting up at 4:00ish and just standing around in the dark to stop the throbbing.  Sometimes I just get up and go downstairs or after I awkwardly stand in the dark for awhile I try to go back to sleep.  If I could sleep standing up, it would be great!  I have decided that baby is doing this to me to prepare me for the little sleep I will be getting in the few short months to come.

Week 28:

Baby is the size of an eggplant, about 2 1/4 pounds, and approximately 14.8 inches long.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  +23 pounds half way through week 28. I was happy that I did not have another 10 pound weight gain month.  Just 3 pounds.
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Yes, yes, and yes–although like I said earlier, my maternity pants are getting snug around the butt area…time to move to leggings perhaps?
SLEEP: More of the same..Not comfortable. If I could stand while sleeping I would. Sitting and laying down is not comfortable.  Plus, Baby M is a fan of kicking me in the middle of the night. She is doing a great job of preparing me for no sleep when she arrives!
STRETCH MARKS?: NOPE! Still avoiding any stretch marks, come on body! Only 2.5 more months to go! YOU CAN DO IT!
BEST MOMENT: Hands down: The moment when James felt Baby M kick for the first time.
MISS ANYTHING? Sleeping on my stomach. And Subway–I still avoid walking into a Subway because the smells make me drool.  I think Subway may be the cherished meal that James brings me after I deliver baby M.  The nurse in our birth class said that all new dads bring the new moms a meal of their choice because they are just STARVING after the labor and delivery since moms are not allowed to eat after labor starts and it could last from 12 to 24 hours for first time moms.  Hopefully James can leave our precious Baby M for a few moments after she arrives to go grab me my subway–maybe TWO subways if my labor starts to push the 20 hour mark!!
MOVEMENT: She is an active little bugger! The only time she is really quiet is when I am doing my exercise class or while I am walking on the treadmill at the gym.  The rocking movements must put her to sleep.
 Cottage cheese is still Baby M’s favorite!!  …and french fries.
The birth class was an experience.  Really the only thing that I could not handle was when she talked about taking home the placenta.  The science-y side of me MAY want to see it, but then take it away and throw it out!  The nurse was telling us that some people dry it out, grind it into a powder and eat it because of all the nutrients in it.  Umm..YUCK! You are telling me that after it has been sitting inside of you for 9 months, you deliver it, and people touch it some people think it would be a good idea to eat it again!?  She also said some people bury it; maybe slightly better, but no thank you!
LABOR SIGNS:   While I was sick I did have a few braxton hick contractions. No pain, but it felt very strange when my uterus was contracting and my abdomen was very hard.  They went away if I moved positions or drank water.  I was just dehydrated because of my cold.
SYMPTOMS: Those ribs are becoming quite a pain.
INNIE OR OUTIE? total outie now.
MOOD:  Overall happy–especially when I get a full nights sleep!
EXCITED FOR: To go to Minnesota over Christmas and show off my GROWING baby bump! It will be the last trip James and I go on as a two person family household!
photo (1)
28 weeks and counting!

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