Baby M’s Room

I was going to wait until Baby M’s room was completely done, but I could not wait any longer.  James wanted to put hardwood floors in the nursery because it would be cleaner with two hairy dogs in the house.  I finally agreed after much hesitation.  We bought unfinished circle sawn fir to match the wood in the living room.  We had pulled up the carpet in the nursery and threw it out.  We did have somebody put the wood floors in the nursery, James nor I have ever done that before–so we thought we would let the professionals do it this time and we would hover over them to watch how they did it.  James parents arrived just in time from Sunny Northern California to help James stain the floor. I would have helped but was not allowed to because, well, I am pregnant and should not be around the fumes.

IMG952015110595180227957Unfinished Circle Sawn Fir in our baby’s nursery!

James and his dad worked for two full days on finishing the floor. They carefully sanded the wood planks, vacuumed all the dust up, stained the floor–two coats, and then put the finish on.


I must admit, this is one job I was happy to hand over to James and his dad. The fumes from the stain were horrible, even with the fan out the window and the nursery room door closed.


Then came the finishing coat.  That stunk pretty bad as well, however it did seal in the rest of the smells.  If I am not mistaken, James dad put two coats of the finish on and it did not take too long for it to dry.  We got the baseboards back on, touched up the walls, and painted the ceiling white. (The ceiling was the same color as the walls before this).


Floors are done! I will not show you the rest of the room yet because we have not completed it.  But the floor looks nice doesn’t it?  I was not a fan of the wood at first because it seemed cold and not baby friendly–however I have since changed my mind and can not wait to bring our little girl home to her wonderful room!


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