Work Update

I have not talked about my work lately because I have been preoccupied with the pregnancy and updates to the house–but mainly just Baby M.  I am still loving my job and the residents are loving watching me expand!

Work has been very busy.  My boss has been on maternity leave since the end of August and she gets back tomorrow!!  I was asked to step into her position as the Activities and Fitness Director while she was gone.  I was quite excited that my boss and the Vice President of the retirement home thought so highly of me to ask if I would step in while she was gone.  It was quite the learning curve as I have NEVER been the boss of anybody, managed a budget, planned community wide events, or had to go to major corporate meetings weekly (The retirement home I work for is owned by the hospital in town).  To be honest there were some tears when I first started because I stepped directly into planning an International campaign for all of the valley and surrounding areas to attend called Active Aging Week.  The first two weeks I was very happy that my coworker, the other Exercise Specialist, was the co-chair of the Active Aging Week planning committee.  Now, 12 weeks later, I am a pro at the Activities and Fitness Director position.  I am very happy to have my boss back so that I am able to go back on focusing entirely on my exercise classes.

I have been teaching my exercise classes while my boss has been on maternity leave, but I feel like they have been pushed aside slightly.  Even so, my exercise classes have been booming! Each month the average class size has been increasing!  In the past few weeks I have been adding quite a few new exercises and the residents have been loving it.  Recently the residents have been completely entertained by asking me how baby likes the exercises, if she kicks me while we exercise (and she does!), and have been telling me that she will come out running down the hallway!  I must admit, the last would be entirely amazing to witness!

I have had a few harsh moments at work. I have realized that it is probably a generational difference rather than the residents being completely and utterly rude.  In ONE DAY I had four separate residents tell me I was getting quite fat.  Two residents said it straight to my face, while the last two were talking amongst their selves. However, being 87 + years old their hearing is limited and their whispering is more like normal talking.  All four residents know that I am six months pregnant and my boss had the same experience; so we decided that it was not an insult but just a fact that we are growing a baby.  Still in all, those comments are a little hard to swallow–especially when they come the same day the doctor told me I gained 10 pounds in one month.  (Yes, I admit, when I got home and my husband asked how my day was, I instantly started to cry!)

As many of you can guess, I have lots of grandma-like and mom-like ladies at work. They are very excited for me, want daily updates, give me daily advice, tell me what I should and should not do, and are very worried when I push, pull, lift, or shift anything.  Ohh the generation gap–I have a few ladies that are very worried about me teaching my exercise class while I am pregnant.  They think that I should be at home nesting and relaxing.  I tried to tell them that I am not that type of person but my words hit a wall.  Overall, being pregnant in a retirement home is quite exciting! I love seeing the genuine happiness in so many residents faces. They are truly happy for me, very encouraging, and and are very excited for me to be a mom!

Having my office in the fitness center is always a new experience.  I still meet the same few people daily. I Have the same conversation with them repeatedly, re-introduce myself, and the best part!? each and every day these residents leave really liking me!  Over the past few weeks the hot discussion topics have included: Stocks and Bonds; a few new, young 70+ year old ladies who just moved in; terrorism; the attacks on France, Middle East, and all over the world; the fact that every person in America will need a gun soon; general politics; and the latest–the governor of Montana would like to allow 10,000 refugees into the state.  I am not going to share the residents opinions but I will tell you that they are very dedicated and passionate about these topics–as most people are.  In addition I will not share my thoughts on these topics but I will tell you it is quite interesting to listen to different sides of each topic.  From being around this generation I think I am becoming much more opinionated, fact based (because you better come with facts if you mention anything to this generation), and more definite in the positions I do take.

I will take a picture of my November bulletin board and December bulletin board once I put it up.  I am very excited about both boards. November is how to “become a more thankful person during the holiday season” and December is “how to destress during the holiday season.”

Stay tuned!


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