Minor Changes

When the husband is gone, the wife will play.  Or redecorate…

While James is gone to North Dakota, Wyoming, or where ever his work may take him I find myself getting quite bored.  Apparently I am not very good at entertaining myself–or talking to myself.  The dogs are great listeners, but sadly they do not respond as I wish they would.  So this time around I decided to get some things accomplished.  Some needed changes, some changes just because it was time.

Last weekend my father in law and husband stained the hard wood floors and painted the ceiling in the baby’s room.  (More on that to come in future posts).  I was waiting rather impatiently to move our little girls clothes, toys, and blankets into her new room.  Turns out today was the day! Check out this adorable closet!

photo 2
Sneak peak of the new floor.

You have to admit, it is quite cute!  I love the little clothes hung up.  I can not wait to put my little girl in those clothes.  I would like to thank, once again, my extended family for all of the wonderful clothes, books, toys, and blankets for my daughter.  They are doing a great job of filling her closet and will keep my little girl nice and warm when she arrives in February.

photo 1

This outfit is from my sister–cute corduroy overalls and a warm sweater for my future 3 month old.

After this project was done, it was onto the next.  Any guesses of what that may be?  Let me tell you!  I changed the shower curtain in our spare bathroom–to be baby bathroom.  I have been looking for the perfect shower curtain that will brighten up the small, windowless bathroom.  After a good month of looking, I finally found one that is perfect. It has the same colors as the baby’s room but the pattern is more appropriate for a bathroom.  It also won’t scare anybody away who uses the bathroom because it is not screaming BABY.

 009   photo 3
Before                                     After

I think it brightens up the bathroom quite nicely.  I am going to buy some navy towels for this bathroom, but for the time being I do not think the cranberry color is terrible.  I know James mayb be a little bummed that his woodsy themed house is slowly changing, but no worries, I am not taking EVERYTHING woodsy away.  I am not able to anyways–there is a moose and deer carved into our fireplace and front door; the whole foundation of our house is rather woodsy.  James has a bedroom downstairs that he decorated and the bar area downstairs is woodsy–see compromise.  I am just balancing out the woodsy-ness with some good old country style.

The last project was really just a relocation.  After we took everything out of the guest bedroom, I also removed my (only) handmade curtain in the house and put it into James office.  This curtain also happens to be the only curtain in the house because it took FOREVER for me to sew, even with my sewing machine.


I think the curtain is quite fitting for this room if I do say so myself.  I do fully plan on making a curtain for the baby’s room, I will keep you updated on the progress.


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