Bump Watch

Week 23:

Big news! James felt Baby M move! I think he was quite grossed out at first, but after the first few times he started to like it.  He will randomly feel her move and it no longer seems to bother him.  She kicked him really hard one time and he asked if it hurt when she kicked that hard–no it does not.  I think it is a lot of fun!  I am getting quite a bit bigger and I seem to be gaining weight by the day. Literally, by the day.  Maybe she is not in the 33rd percentile anymore.

Week 24:

Baby is the size of a cantaloupe this week.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  This is a tough one this week–my doctor said that I am up 20 pounds, +10 pounds from the previous months visit.  The doctors appointment was in the afternoon,  I weighed myself in the morning and my scale said +15 pounds.  So either I ate a lot of food for lunch or my scale is off.  I have been going off what my scale says for the blog and my scale and the doctors scale have been within a pound or two every time–until now. So I am at a loss as to what happened.  Either way, I (and baby) had quite a growth spurt this past month and my doctor was not worried, she said it happens to some people. Hopefully we the weight gain goes back to the 2-6 pounds a month for the next three months.
To be honest, I did not take the +10 pounds in one month very well.  I was shocked at the doctors office and by the time I got home and James found me I was in tears.  He asked how the doctors appointment went and I started to cry, James instantly thought something was wrong with her. He was very relieved that she is doing great (heart beat still 150 bpm and strong) and told me that I should be gaining weight.  Yes, I understand that, but it was still a major shock.
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Heck yes! They are the only things that feel alright.
SLEEP: I still can not get comfortable while sleeping. I switch from one side to another all the time and am not getting much sleep.
BEST MOMENT: Having James feel baby M!  She likes to kick him now.
MISS ANYTHING? Sleeping on my stomach.
MOVEMENT: Baby M moves all the time.  She really does not stop moving at all. She still really enjoys keeping me up at night by flipping and punching me.
 Tart apples and cottage cheese–YUM!
  Right now, nothing.
GENDE: Girl.
SYMPTOMS: My ribs are still quite sore.
INNIE OR OUTIE? in-betweenie…heading outward!
MOOD:  Mixed emotions. This week I am having a hard time with the weight gain and the fact that none of my normal clothes fit.  I am very happy that baby is growing and healthy.
EXCITED FOR: The baby’s room is getting closer to being done.  Updates to come.
Start of Week 25:
Well the start of this week is better than the end of last week. I am back to the realization that it is normal to gain weight, my normal clothes should NOT fit, and everybody gains weight differently.  On a side note: My scale is telling me I have gained a total of 15 pounds.  So I really don’t know what to tell you about last week.  Maybe by next month when I go to the doctor our scales will match again.
Start of 25 weeks.

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