Bump Watch

Second half of Week 25:

The second part of week 25 was pretty uneventful.  I have been feeling great and still enjoying all the sweets! Although I am trying not to eat them–trying to stay as healthy as possible.  This week I had a few residents ask me if I was getting excited to have the baby.  The answer was always the same: Yes, I am excited, but also quite nervous.  They always laugh and tell me, “Just you wait until the 5th one comes around, you will not even realize you had another baby.”  Well yes, that is one way to look at things.

Week 26:

Baby is the size of a head of lettuce.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  +19 pounds at the start of week 27.  Like I said before, I have been using my scale to measure my weight gain on the blog. I am not sure what happened at the doctors office last time–our scales were normally within a few pounds of each other. I will let you know what the doc’s scale says after my next apt.
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  No question-yes 100%
SLEEP: Not comfortable. If I could stand while sleeping I would. Sitting and laying down is not comfortable.  Plus, Baby M is a fan of kicking me in the middle of the night.
STRETCH MARKS?: Nada! My boss just got back from maternity leave and she gave me the rest of her Burts Bees Wax Belly Butter to use.  I’m pretty excited to use it!
BEST MOMENT: Probably the moment when James first felt Baby M kick.
MISS ANYTHING? Sleeping on my stomach.
MOVEMENT: She still moves quite a lot, especially when I am right about to go to sleep and while I am trying to sleep.
 Cottage cheese–still can not go wrong with that!
  We are going to our birthing class this weekend where we learn all the gory details of child birth. As of right now I am totally good with being blissfully ignorant.  I will let you know the results of the class.
SYMPTOMS: My poor, poor ribs..
MOOD:  Content.
EXCITED FOR: The baby’s room is starting to come together.

First day of Week 27

This morning at work my boss gave me a “gift bag” of things I will need after I have Baby M.  She said that the things in the bag were not pretty but that they were a life savor.  She went through the bag with me and she was not lying, they were not pretty but I can see the logic and necessity in each and every item.  I am not going to share what was in the bag because would be too much information–but for those of you who have had kids in the past I am sure you can guess.

She also told me to stop listening to people about child birth and immediately afterward.  She thought that, in general, people over exaggerated how dramatic and painful it was–mainly after baby is born.  She said that she WAS able to walk around, yes sitting is uncomfortable but that it is tolerable, and you do not waddle around after having the baby.  This must be another example of the generation gap to child bearing.  She was told the same things by residents before she had her son.


Work Update

I have not talked about my work lately because I have been preoccupied with the pregnancy and updates to the house–but mainly just Baby M.  I am still loving my job and the residents are loving watching me expand!

Work has been very busy.  My boss has been on maternity leave since the end of August and she gets back tomorrow!!  I was asked to step into her position as the Activities and Fitness Director while she was gone.  I was quite excited that my boss and the Vice President of the retirement home thought so highly of me to ask if I would step in while she was gone.  It was quite the learning curve as I have NEVER been the boss of anybody, managed a budget, planned community wide events, or had to go to major corporate meetings weekly (The retirement home I work for is owned by the hospital in town).  To be honest there were some tears when I first started because I stepped directly into planning an International campaign for all of the valley and surrounding areas to attend called Active Aging Week.  The first two weeks I was very happy that my coworker, the other Exercise Specialist, was the co-chair of the Active Aging Week planning committee.  Now, 12 weeks later, I am a pro at the Activities and Fitness Director position.  I am very happy to have my boss back so that I am able to go back on focusing entirely on my exercise classes.

I have been teaching my exercise classes while my boss has been on maternity leave, but I feel like they have been pushed aside slightly.  Even so, my exercise classes have been booming! Each month the average class size has been increasing!  In the past few weeks I have been adding quite a few new exercises and the residents have been loving it.  Recently the residents have been completely entertained by asking me how baby likes the exercises, if she kicks me while we exercise (and she does!), and have been telling me that she will come out running down the hallway!  I must admit, the last would be entirely amazing to witness!

I have had a few harsh moments at work. I have realized that it is probably a generational difference rather than the residents being completely and utterly rude.  In ONE DAY I had four separate residents tell me I was getting quite fat.  Two residents said it straight to my face, while the last two were talking amongst their selves. However, being 87 + years old their hearing is limited and their whispering is more like normal talking.  All four residents know that I am six months pregnant and my boss had the same experience; so we decided that it was not an insult but just a fact that we are growing a baby.  Still in all, those comments are a little hard to swallow–especially when they come the same day the doctor told me I gained 10 pounds in one month.  (Yes, I admit, when I got home and my husband asked how my day was, I instantly started to cry!)

As many of you can guess, I have lots of grandma-like and mom-like ladies at work. They are very excited for me, want daily updates, give me daily advice, tell me what I should and should not do, and are very worried when I push, pull, lift, or shift anything.  Ohh the generation gap–I have a few ladies that are very worried about me teaching my exercise class while I am pregnant.  They think that I should be at home nesting and relaxing.  I tried to tell them that I am not that type of person but my words hit a wall.  Overall, being pregnant in a retirement home is quite exciting! I love seeing the genuine happiness in so many residents faces. They are truly happy for me, very encouraging, and and are very excited for me to be a mom!

Having my office in the fitness center is always a new experience.  I still meet the same few people daily. I Have the same conversation with them repeatedly, re-introduce myself, and the best part!? each and every day these residents leave really liking me!  Over the past few weeks the hot discussion topics have included: Stocks and Bonds; a few new, young 70+ year old ladies who just moved in; terrorism; the attacks on France, Middle East, and all over the world; the fact that every person in America will need a gun soon; general politics; and the latest–the governor of Montana would like to allow 10,000 refugees into the state.  I am not going to share the residents opinions but I will tell you that they are very dedicated and passionate about these topics–as most people are.  In addition I will not share my thoughts on these topics but I will tell you it is quite interesting to listen to different sides of each topic.  From being around this generation I think I am becoming much more opinionated, fact based (because you better come with facts if you mention anything to this generation), and more definite in the positions I do take.

I will take a picture of my November bulletin board and December bulletin board once I put it up.  I am very excited about both boards. November is how to “become a more thankful person during the holiday season” and December is “how to destress during the holiday season.”

Stay tuned!

Minor Changes

When the husband is gone, the wife will play.  Or redecorate…

While James is gone to North Dakota, Wyoming, or where ever his work may take him I find myself getting quite bored.  Apparently I am not very good at entertaining myself–or talking to myself.  The dogs are great listeners, but sadly they do not respond as I wish they would.  So this time around I decided to get some things accomplished.  Some needed changes, some changes just because it was time.

Last weekend my father in law and husband stained the hard wood floors and painted the ceiling in the baby’s room.  (More on that to come in future posts).  I was waiting rather impatiently to move our little girls clothes, toys, and blankets into her new room.  Turns out today was the day! Check out this adorable closet!

photo 2
Sneak peak of the new floor.

You have to admit, it is quite cute!  I love the little clothes hung up.  I can not wait to put my little girl in those clothes.  I would like to thank, once again, my extended family for all of the wonderful clothes, books, toys, and blankets for my daughter.  They are doing a great job of filling her closet and will keep my little girl nice and warm when she arrives in February.

photo 1

This outfit is from my sister–cute corduroy overalls and a warm sweater for my future 3 month old.

After this project was done, it was onto the next.  Any guesses of what that may be?  Let me tell you!  I changed the shower curtain in our spare bathroom–to be baby bathroom.  I have been looking for the perfect shower curtain that will brighten up the small, windowless bathroom.  After a good month of looking, I finally found one that is perfect. It has the same colors as the baby’s room but the pattern is more appropriate for a bathroom.  It also won’t scare anybody away who uses the bathroom because it is not screaming BABY.

 009   photo 3
Before                                     After

I think it brightens up the bathroom quite nicely.  I am going to buy some navy towels for this bathroom, but for the time being I do not think the cranberry color is terrible.  I know James mayb be a little bummed that his woodsy themed house is slowly changing, but no worries, I am not taking EVERYTHING woodsy away.  I am not able to anyways–there is a moose and deer carved into our fireplace and front door; the whole foundation of our house is rather woodsy.  James has a bedroom downstairs that he decorated and the bar area downstairs is woodsy–see compromise.  I am just balancing out the woodsy-ness with some good old country style.

The last project was really just a relocation.  After we took everything out of the guest bedroom, I also removed my (only) handmade curtain in the house and put it into James office.  This curtain also happens to be the only curtain in the house because it took FOREVER for me to sew, even with my sewing machine.


I think the curtain is quite fitting for this room if I do say so myself.  I do fully plan on making a curtain for the baby’s room, I will keep you updated on the progress.

Bump Watch

Week 23:

Big news! James felt Baby M move! I think he was quite grossed out at first, but after the first few times he started to like it.  He will randomly feel her move and it no longer seems to bother him.  She kicked him really hard one time and he asked if it hurt when she kicked that hard–no it does not.  I think it is a lot of fun!  I am getting quite a bit bigger and I seem to be gaining weight by the day. Literally, by the day.  Maybe she is not in the 33rd percentile anymore.

Week 24:

Baby is the size of a cantaloupe this week.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  This is a tough one this week–my doctor said that I am up 20 pounds, +10 pounds from the previous months visit.  The doctors appointment was in the afternoon,  I weighed myself in the morning and my scale said +15 pounds.  So either I ate a lot of food for lunch or my scale is off.  I have been going off what my scale says for the blog and my scale and the doctors scale have been within a pound or two every time–until now. So I am at a loss as to what happened.  Either way, I (and baby) had quite a growth spurt this past month and my doctor was not worried, she said it happens to some people. Hopefully we the weight gain goes back to the 2-6 pounds a month for the next three months.
To be honest, I did not take the +10 pounds in one month very well.  I was shocked at the doctors office and by the time I got home and James found me I was in tears.  He asked how the doctors appointment went and I started to cry, James instantly thought something was wrong with her. He was very relieved that she is doing great (heart beat still 150 bpm and strong) and told me that I should be gaining weight.  Yes, I understand that, but it was still a major shock.
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Heck yes! They are the only things that feel alright.
SLEEP: I still can not get comfortable while sleeping. I switch from one side to another all the time and am not getting much sleep.
BEST MOMENT: Having James feel baby M!  She likes to kick him now.
MISS ANYTHING? Sleeping on my stomach.
MOVEMENT: Baby M moves all the time.  She really does not stop moving at all. She still really enjoys keeping me up at night by flipping and punching me.
 Tart apples and cottage cheese–YUM!
  Right now, nothing.
GENDE: Girl.
SYMPTOMS: My ribs are still quite sore.
INNIE OR OUTIE? in-betweenie…heading outward!
MOOD:  Mixed emotions. This week I am having a hard time with the weight gain and the fact that none of my normal clothes fit.  I am very happy that baby is growing and healthy.
EXCITED FOR: The baby’s room is getting closer to being done.  Updates to come.
Start of Week 25:
Well the start of this week is better than the end of last week. I am back to the realization that it is normal to gain weight, my normal clothes should NOT fit, and everybody gains weight differently.  On a side note: My scale is telling me I have gained a total of 15 pounds.  So I really don’t know what to tell you about last week.  Maybe by next month when I go to the doctor our scales will match again.
Start of 25 weeks.