A Wedding and A Baby Shower

This past weekend James and I ventured to Wisconsin for my cousin’s marvelous wedding.  Her wedding was beautiful–rain and all!  It happened to be a cloudy, semi rainy, day right on Lake Michigan but it could not have been a more perfect day for her wedding!  My cousin looked stunning and I could tell how thrilled she was at the alter; she could not stand still.  Her wedding day a dream come true.  Their vows were the cutest thing ever! I did not ask her, but I have a feeling that the other person wrote the vows that they read, it was so nice and rather comical at parts.  My cousin “will ask Dean how fantasy football is on Tuesdays” and Dean “will clean the food out of the sink.”  The wedding and reception was right on Lake Michigan at a Yacht Club.  It was truly a perfect wedding for my cousin!

James and I at the reception.

haleys wedding
Myself, one of my cousins, and my sister.

James, myself, and my family stayed at my grandparents house in Wisconsin.  On Sunday my grandma asked me (out of everybody–there were 9 other people at the house) to go to the grocery store to get a vegetable tray.  We were having my cousins over for a brunch before James and I left.  So my twin and I went to the grocery store and picked up the vegetable tray.  The whole time I could not figure out why my grandma hunted me down in the house and asked me to go get the food–she passed at least four people on the way to me.  Well as it turns out my sister planned and decorated my grandmas house with PINK for my surprise baby shower! It was so nice. My sister decorated, my grandma had made the food, and one of my aunts brought the cutest cupcakes!  Everything was perfect and it was far to kind! I was floored, that thought never even crossed my mind.

baby shower decor
Mom and Dad to be labels!

baby shower cupcakes
The worlds best tasting cupcakes!  I should know, I had a white and chocolate cupcake..

It was a co-ed baby shower since my male cousins, grandpa, uncle, dad, twin, and James were there. It was actually really fun having everybody there celebrating and catching up.  There were far too many gifts–James and I (and our baby girl) are completely spoiled!   She now has the cutest clothes, swaddling clothes, burp rags, towels, and all the books she can ever read.  At first I was not a total fan of pink clothes, but after getting so many pink clothes from my family, I am changing my mind.  The clothes are very cute in pink and our little girl will just look adorable!


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