Bump Watch

Week 21:

Many people at work told me that I popped this week–which I must admit, I sort of agree. Every time I look down, BAM, baby bump is there and when I sit down I find myself resting my arms on top of my bump.  All of a sudden wearing normal pants are out of the question (for real now, I can’t even pretend to fit into any of my normal pants).  Luckily I found some very comfy work maternity pants and bought three pairs in three different colors.

The only real notable thing that happened this week was that I shut the car door on myself.  I must admit, I am slightly embarrassed to share this but I am almost sure that somebody else had to have done this before.  I was getting something out of my car and I thought I had room to clear myself–all of myself, including baby bump–so I went to shut the car door. Nope. The door did not clear my bump.  Ouch, but luckily I did not shut the door too hard, so everything is ok, minus my ego.

Week 22:

Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash this week.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  +9 pounds (a few days ago–tomorrow is week 23!!)
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Yep.  Pants are a must now. I am still sort of getting away with wearing normal shirts, but the maternity ones are much more comfortable.  Leggings are pretty wonderful as well!
SLEEP: Some days I sleep pretty well, others I am awake 90% of the night..
BEST MOMENT: Finding out that we are having a baby girl and her moving around so much.
MISS ANYTHING? Sleeping on my stomach.  I have not been sleeping very well because sleeping on my sides have never been comfortable.
MOVEMENT: She loves to move around at night–right when I am about ready to go to sleep. She also tends to move every time I stop moving for awhile.  
 Tart apples and cottage cheese
  Right now, nothing.
SYMPTOMS: Everything is stretching now and I must admit, it is not a very comfortable feeling.  I also have to remember to sit and stand up straight because if I don’t my two lower ribs get quite sore.
INNIE OR OUTIE? in-betweenie…
MOOD:  Happy, a lot more energy
EXCITED FOR: James still has not felt baby move, every time he tries, she stops moving.  I must startle her when I quickly tell him to run over and feel.
 IMG_3600  IMG_3608
       18 Weeks                         22 Weeks
That is one heck of a comparison for you!

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