Mystic Lake

A few weeks ago James and I ventured up into the mountains so he could go fishing.  I sat on the edge of the water and watched him fish; I even did a little bit of studying (a very little bit).  It was 8 miles back into the mountains but it took a good 45 minutes.  Baby was not a fan of getting bumped around–or maybe it was mom to be not enjoying the bumps that made her growing stomach move and shake.  It is a very pretty mountain lake though, so in the end it was worth it.

Mystic Lake

Mystic Lake

For being quite treacherous to get to there was a surprisingly large number of people wandering around.  The wind was whipping around in the lake valley because it was surrounded by massive mountain peaks so the nice 74 degree day seemed quite a bit cooler.  James had a heck of a time fishing due to the wind and sadly did not catch anything.  But I caught some pretty neat pictures of him fishing.


Finally I was able to get his attention to look at the camera.


The water was very pretty! It was crystal blue that faded into a deep teal color.  There was a hiking trail around the entire lake, so we walked around the lake and James stopped to fish when he thought it was a good spot.  The lake is only about 1.5 miles around–no biggie.


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