Bump Watch

Week 19:

Big news from week 19. I have officially felt my baby move! Last week I thought maybe I felt something, but I was not sure.  At the beginning of week 19 I felt it– I was a little creeped out at first, but baby was so active that I got used to it quite quickly.  James wanted to feel the baby but he could not, I think he was a little bummed.  I did not get sick this week either! Waaawhoo!!  My energy is starting to come back too!

Week 20:

This week I felt the baby move while my hand was on my stomach.  That was a crazy feeling and sort of alien like.. I tried to get James to feel the baby move, but of course once he tried to feel the baby it backed off and it’s movements were very soft.

Week 20 is an exciting week–I had my ultrasound! We are having a GIRL!  Our baby girl is 13 ounces, which is in the 33rd percentile on the charts. Smaller girl, but very healthy. Her heart rate was 147 bpm and she has all four limbs, 10 toes, and 10 fingers!  Everything is in proportion and my doctor is very pleased with the progress both baby girl and myself are doing.

While the ultrasound tech was going through everything with us, measuring the femur, humerus, head, abdomen, ect., she was telling James and I what we were looking at. To be honest, I still had no idea what we were looking at and I could tell James really did not know either. I could see the spine, the heart, and the long bones. Our girl has a very strong 4 chamber heart with great valves and blood flow! (That part I could see clearly!) James asked quite a few questions trying to clarify what we were looking at–me on the other hand did not really care what we were looking at; I was just marveling over the fact that I was actually growing something inside of me and whatever I was looking at looked perfect!

When she finally got the baby to unfold and sprawl out she told us we were having a girl. James looked incredibly shocked and rather pale. He was convinced that we were having a boy and never really gave it another thought that we could have a girl. Once he got over the shock he joking asked if we could still name our little girl James.  He began to get a little more excited once the reality of the situation sunk in.

We went out to lunch before we both headed back to work.  When James got to work one of his MALE coworkers had decorated James desk and chairs in pink streamers and a pink tablecloth.  Very cute.  James coworker had a little girl a few months ago–so I think they bonded over the fact that they are (or will be) dad’s to little girls.  I am happy that James coworker (and boss) both have little girls, I think it will, and has, calmed James down a little bit over the fact that we are having a girl.  Like I said, it did not matter to me what we were having, but I must admit, when we go to James boss’ house it is quite cute the way their little boy clings to James and watching the two of them interact is just adorable.  But I know that in the long run our little girl will be the best thing that ever happened to James.  Plus–he is convinced that our little girl will be an amazing quarterback and and have a great throwing arm.  That’s fine with me, I don’t need a girly girl–mainly because I am not sure how to be a girly girl myself.  One thing that both James and I did agree on is that our girl will not be a cheerleader…and she probably won’t be very talented in the theater or music realm either because James and I are greatly lacking in that area.  But Hey! there is always academics and sports! Both James and I played sports through high school and James played college football.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  +7 pounds (at the start of 21 weeks)  My doctor said these next few months I should be gaining 4 to 6 pounds a month, so we will see how I do.
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Pants are officially off my “yes, you can still get away with these” list.  I have gotten to the point where I am only able to zip my pants up half way–Maternity pants are much more comfortable now and probably more appropriate to wear at work.
SLEEP: Sleeping has been getting more and more uncomfortable. My hips have been hurting while sleeping..I keep switching sides and don’t seem to be sleeping very much.  I wish I could sleep on my stomach like I normally do.
BEST MOMENT: Finding out that we are having a baby girl. And James facial expression when the ultrasound tech said we were having a girl.
MISS ANYTHING? Still Subway. Nothing sounds better than a great turkey sandwich with bacon, cheese, green peppers, avocado, and lettuce..YUM!
MOVEMENT: A lot of movement now!  Baby moves all the time! I read that the baby sleeps about 80% of the day, however I do not think mine sleeps at all.  
 Carbs.  And very crisp, semi tart apples!
  Eggs.  I am also still trying to get over the fact that my wardrobe is drastically shrinking and my pants no longer fit.
SYMPTOMS: Still just very hungry.
INNIE OR OUTIE? Innie, but seems to be heading towards an outie…
MOOD:  Happy, a lot more energy
EXCITED FOR: I can not wait until James is able to feel our baby girl kick because she is insanely active!
Our little girl!
We have a few 4D pictures–but both James and I thought that they were pretty ugly pictures, so we are keeping those to ourselves. James thought she looked like an alien, I thought she looked like a skelator.  But this one is just adorable!
The nursery is going to be a light green and cream; James nor I are into pink, purple, or any of those other super girly colors so that was an easy choice!  We have started to think of baby names, but I have a feeling it is going to be harder than I thought–so far we have not agreed on a name we both kind of like.  Once we do pick a name we are going to keep it to ourselves until she is born.  While I appreciate all the input and thoughts on baby names (and I have gotten a lot of input from friends, residents, and coworkers), I really don’t want anybody to give us their thoughts on our final choice of name.  I figure once she is born, it will be too late to change her name, so maybe people won’t give us their thoughts on her name.  Maybe it is true, maybe it is not, but the logic makes sense to us and we are sticking to it!

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