Bump Watch

I am getting closer to being half way done!  It is becoming real now that I am showing a little more and my clothes are getting tighter.

Week 17:

No weight gain this week, which totally blows my mind considering how much food I am able to consume every 2 SECONDS!  I have been eating a large breakfast at 7:00am, apple and peanut butter at 9:00am, banana and peanut butter at 11:00am, lunch at 12:30, more snacks at about 2:00pm, 5:00pm, dinner at 6:30pm, and who knows, sometimes a snack at 8pm too! Yes, I have a jar of peanut butter in my desk at work and I have finished 2.5 jars of peanut butter in the past 6 weeks.

This week I have accomplished something that many people may not have done before.  I ate an entire tray of brownies in 3 days! I was partially very impressed with myself, and the other half of me was horrified by the fact that a pan of brownies disappeared in 3 days. The dogs did not eat any and neither did James–even though I did try to blame all three of them. I still can not believe that James did not have even ONE brownie.

Week 18:

This week Baby M is the size of a bell pepper.

MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Occasionally. They are much more comfortable now. I have even ventured out to buy more clothes after the realization that I will not fit into my clothes much longer.
SLEEP: Sleeping has been getting more and more uncomfortable. My stomach is now sticking out far enough where it hurts to way on my side.  I guess there is sagging going on and I have to make sure that my stomach is supported by a pillow.
BEST MOMENT: Still a winner–Hearing Baby M’s heart beat and hearing that baby flips like crazy!
MISS ANYTHING? Subway!!  Who would have ever thought I would NEED subway so badly!  I have been avoiding Subway like the plague since I can not eat it. If I even smell Subway I start to drool!
MOVEMENT: Still nothing, but my doctor says anywhere from 18 weeks to 22 weeks I will start to feel Baby M kick or flip!
 This week has been carbs, carbs, and carbs! Blueberry pancakes! Cornbread! You name it, I will eat it. And hamburgers! 
  Eggs are still the winner!
GENDER:  I keep calling Baby M a he!  Although, this past week I took a few old wives tales tests online and each one said it was a girl, so now I am completely at a loss.
SYMPTOMS:  I have not thrown up at all this week, although I still gag just about every time I brush my teeth.  The amount of food I eat is insane! I am hungry ALL THE TIME.
MOOD:  Pretty good, especially now that the dogs bark collars seem to be working.
EXCITED FOR: To find out if I will be a proud Mommy of a little boy or little girl!


I guess this is what 18 week pregnant Jennifer looks like!


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