Wisconsin Bridal Shower

After working 9 days straight, taking over the department after my boss went on maternity leave, and trying to tie up loose ends before I left; I ventured over to Wisconsin at the end of August for one of my cousins bridal showers.  Flying has become much more bothersome now that I am pregnant.  I opt out of the body scan (they say it is safe but I don’t want to take the chance) which means that I need to get the FULL BODY pat down.  Chest, inner thighs, hair, armpits, ankles, feet…nothing is safe.  Its a total drag, especially when they ask you to lift your shirt up above your waistline in the middle of the airport.  Its crazy, the TSA agents always look at me strangely when they see that my jeans button is held together by a rubber band. (Come on people, its better than maternity pants with the big band around the top!) And this is just great–all these random people really want to see me and my 15 week old baby stomach.  Thanks TSA.  When I was booking my ticket I was going to just go from Southwest Montana to Minneapolis, then drive with my sister to Milwaukee for the bridal shower.  That did not happen because flying to Milwaukee THROUGH Minneapolis was cheaper.  Go figure.

So I made it to Milwaukee at the end of August, it was a humid, cloudy day.  My mom and my grandma picked me up from the airport. We had planned on going shopping for maternity clothes because the selection in Southwest Montana has a lot be desired.  But first things first. I had not eaten anything in about 2.5 hours.  I was starving! Lately I have been eating about every 1.5 hours–all day long.  So we stopped for lunch so I did not get hangry.  We started shopping, and I must admit, I may have thrown a slight fit about the selection of clothes that Old Navy had.  Everything looked really frumpy, ugly, boxy, and just plan massive!  Of course, sitting in the dressing room with me, my mom and grandma were having a hay-day! They were enjoying the MINOR fit I threw each time I put something else on.  Needless to say I (sort of) sucked it up and we bought some leggings, a dress, and two shirts.  I was not into looking at any other stores, but my mom convinced me to look at Motherhood, a maternity store.  My attitude changed when I saw “normal” looking massive clothes. Turns out I can do massive looking clothes when they look half decent.  The three of us had a ball at the maternity store–they even had a stuffed belly that I put on to see what the clothes looked like. I bought quite a few outfits there.  We only went to two stores because between the three of us, our shopping tolerance is maybe 1.5 hours. Tops. It must run in the family, nobody likes to shop in my family.

The whole weekend was pretty foggy–and by pretty foggy I mean 300 foot ceilings and my dad, sister, brother, and future sister-in-law were not able to fly down to see me.  Bummer.  It was also rather chilly out.  We still had a blast though!  On Friday night I was out cold nice and early.  Saturday we hung out, ate a lot of great food, and Saturday night some of my cousins came over for a birthday party for cousin Jennifer’s youngest daughter.  She turned two! Sunday was cousin Haley’s Bridal Shower on the Lake. It was so nice, they did a wonderful job!  The bride to be looked wonderful!! Anybody who looked at her could tell just how happy she was (and is)!

The weekend did not last long enough, I flew home Sunday night and worked bright and early Monday morning.


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