Pregnancy Questionnaire

Week 16:

Two posts in one day! Lucky you! Baby M is the size of an avocado at 16 weeks.

I just found this cute little questionnaire and thought I would share this with you!

MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Occasionally. I have worn maternity jeans once, maternity leggings once, and two maternity shirts thus far.
SLEEP: I don’t have a problem going to sleep, just staying asleep.
STRETCH MARKS?: Nope. Not yet anyways, hopefully none by 40 weeks too.
BEST MOMENT: Hearing Baby M’s heart beat and hearing that babe flips like crazy!
MISS ANYTHING? Wine. Especially when my friends are having wine and cheese. But the cheese part isn’t too bad either.
MOVEMENT: Haven’t felt anything yet, but my doctor says Baby M is doing flips and kicking like crazy.
 YES! Crazy cravings! Peanut butter and apples, carrots from the garden, and sugar. sugar, sugar, sugar.
  Eggs.  And most strong smells.
GENDER: ???  I keep calling Baby M a he, so maybe a boy?!
LABOR SIGNS:   Nope, and hopefully not for a looooong while.
SYMPTOMS: Morning sickness is gone, I feel good.  I will still throw up randomly though..
INNIE OR OUTIE? Innie, still..
MOOD:  More like mood-swings! Wowa! Happy as can be one moment and then I bring laundry into the closet and BAM total meltdown.  (Both my sister and mom have witnessed this)
EXCITED FOR: To find out if I will be a proud Mommy of a little boy or little girl!

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