Bump Watch

Week 13:
What do I remember about week 13? Honestly, not a whole lot. I am still pretty tired. I have not had any more morning sickness, however now I will randomly start gagging and then throw up.  I can not figure out what makes me start gagging, but it will happen at random times and after random things.  Also–my super sniffer is working far too well.  The smells are still killing me and of course working in a retirement home (even a very nice one like I work at) there are A LOT of smells and most of them are not all that pleasant.

Week 14:
My boss went on Maternity leave at the end of the week and now I am the interim director.  By now most of my coworkers know that I am pregnant and quite a few residents now know as well. They are all happy for me and the other managers are thrilled that I was considerate enough to wait for my maternity leave until after my boss gets back.  Haha! It was pretty good timing I guess! She gets back at the end of November and I am due in the middle of February.  The gagging and throwing up is still hanging out with me.  I also must admit that my pants are very snug now and I can only button 1 pair at this point.  My shirts are all a little snug and overall I am just not comfortable in my own clothes anymore.

Week 15:
At the beginning of this week I traveled to Wisconsin for my cousins bridal shower (more on that later).  My mom, grandma, and I went maternity clothes shopping while I was in Wisconsin too–Southwest Montana lacks horribly in maternity clothes. So now I have maternity clothes and I must admit, I have worn two of my maternity shirts this week. They are much more comfortable than my old shirts.  I have been feeling good, however the random gagging and throwing up is still occurring. I went to the doctor again on Wednesday, baby m has a strong heart beat at 150 bpm and is still quite active.  Baby M kicked the doppler a few times while my doctor was listening to it.  My blood pressure was back to normal–thankfully!  The last time I went to the doctor it was quite high (for me) at 130/80.  This time it was back down to 106/58.  Everything looks great and I have gained 3 pounds since the start.

Ok, this is not the best picture of me,
but it does show my baby bump (and my new shirt) at 15 weeks.

Next doctors appointment is at 5 months AND its the ultrasound!! Waawhoo!


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