Bump Watch

(Yes Big J, I stole your very clever name–thanks!)

Here is another quick update of the past few weeks:

Week 10:
Well turns out that I lied about being ahead of the morning sickness.  It was just taking a break before coming on full bore!  This week was miserable. I do not think I have ever thrown up so many times in one day, much less for an entire week.  I threw up within 20 minutes of eating ANYTHING.  My coworkers started to notice how green I was looking and some residents commented too.  Let me tell you, throwing up at work was a horrible experience.  The smells, ohhh the smells, those got much worse this week too.

Week 11:
On Friday (the start of week 11) we took the residents to the small town of Ennis for the day to eat lunch, shop, and get the best ice cream around.  I was so nervous about going because we were going to be there for the entire day! We went out to lunch and I thought for sure I was going to be sick after that. LUCKILY! I did not. Friday morning was the last time I felt sick for the entire week!! I was so excited to be feeling better I could hardly stand it.  Although, I was still exhausted!  I even felt good enough for James to take a half way decent picture of me and my itty-bitty bump!


Week 12:
Baby M, James, and I went to my doctors appointment.  I started to call the baby Baby M because I thought Maybe Baby was a little pessimistic at this point.  We got to hear Baby M’s heart beat!! It was so exciting! It took my doctor a little bit to find baby so she is certain that we are only having one.  There was thought that we might be having two because there are 11 sets of twins in 7 generations on my moms side of the family. YIKES! But alas, only one baby for James and I.  Our very healthy baby heart beat was a strong 156 bpm.  My doctor said that all the swishing noise was Baby M moving around! How exciting.  We have an active little baby on our hands already!!  I still feel great–minus sleeping every chance I get.  However, I did find out that even though baby was craving Laughy Taffy, it did not agree with us.  Mental note: No more Laughy Taffy.   Baby M is a big fan of peanut butter, watermelon, carrots, apples, and salmon (and of course PIZZA!).


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