Summer in California

James and I ventured across a few states to visit James family and to celebrate Nana’s 90th Birthday Party.  We went the middle of July and stayed for five days. It was very nice out, 90-100’s the whole time and SUNNY!!  We were very busy visiting family, getting the big birthday bash ready, or shopping.  But of course we had to spend some time outside in the wonderful weather by the pool!

While we were there we also shared our good news with the rest of James family. I know Jean was very excited for us to share our big baby news so that she could start talking about it with the most important people in her life–her family! (Thanks for keeping our secret for a few weeks) I was happy that we could give that to her!!  Of course everybody was very excited for us, it is the first new baby in James family since his cousin Emily–who is a senior in high school.

Nana’s Birthday Party was lovely, Jean did a fabulous job preparing, setting up, and pulling it off!  The party was at a very nice country club and there were about 90 of Nana’s friends and family there to celebrate her 90 years on this earth!!

One of James cousin, Ally! We matched!!

Katie, another fabulous cousin!

James and I outside on the balcony.


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