The stork will visit our family soon!

Well, this blog family has some BIG NEWS! We are going to have a new addition to our little family around February 21, 2016. Hopefully my little sister doesn’t mind sharing a birthday with her new niece or nephew.  YES! We are pregnant!  Now I must admit, I was not going to share the good news until 3 months rolls around (you know, because that is the standard wait time), but turns out both my mom and my mother in law stopped talking to people because they did not want to spill the beans.  So we thought that we should end their suffrage.  Of course, both families are incredibly excited for James and I.

Just in case you wanted all the gory details–here they are.

Week 4:

We found out we were pregnant.  I used 5 pregnancy tests (yes, I know 5 is slightly excessive, but I had to make sure, right?!).  When I showed James the positive tests it was not the two lines he noticed first.  The first thing he noticed was how many there were and he said “aren’t those really expensive? Why did you use so many?”  Yes, James, they are expensive, but the more important fact is that  I am not going to lie, when I saw the first positive test, I almost threw up.  When I told my parents and siblings they were all very excited for us.  My twin, in true twin fashion, reacted almost identical to how I reacted when I first found out–he thought he would be sick.  Yep, true twin-y fashion.  He was excited for us, although he admitted he was happy it was not him who was having a baby.

I think we were both in shock for the first 2 weeks after that.

Week 5:

What do I remember about this week?  Sleeping. Sleeping. and More sleeping.  I felt great though! You would not believe how great broccoli, cheese, and ranch dressing was! I did notice that I have to go to the bathroom ALL the time. I have never been the person to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Well let me tell you, those sweet days are OVER! I have been getting up not once, but two times a night to use the bathroom..That in itself will make the next 35 weeks seem long.

Week 6:

Exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep–and really all I did do was work, eat, and sleep.

The first part of week 7 was ok, I started to feel a little strange and then BAM one morning I woke up and thought that I might die.  **Ok, I must admit, I may have just overreacted, but it was pretty miserable.  I was very sick and nothing looked good, smelled good, or sounded good.  Great, I guess I did not beat the morning sickness.  James was in North Dakota for the second part of week 7, lucky for him too. I was pretty miserable and saltines were my only friend.  Now, they (and by they I mean the intranet and doctors) say that hormones start going crazy and you might too.  At least that was what I got out of it.  The first night James was gone (luckily he was gone) I got home from work and had a total hissy fit!  Yes, at 28 years old I was so irritated at god only knows what that I could hardly control myself–I was having a fit sitting on the couch by myself for absolutely no reason at all.  Not one of my proudest moments.

Week 7:

Well, sadly the morning sickness and not wanting to eat anything just got worse.  I still had not thrown up, however I had some killer dry heaves from smells, looking at certain types of food, and the worst was when I was outside picking up dog poop.  It was a hot sunny day and I thought, hey, I am not doing anything, so why not pick up dog poop.  (With two dogs, it builds up fast!)  I got the bags for it and started to clean it up, it must have been a combination of bending over, the heat, and the smell of the poop.  Because after about 5 minutes of picking it up I started to get pretty sick and it got worse very quickly.  Now, on such a nice afternoon my neighbors were outside and I am sure they heard, but I started to gag and dry heave into into my poop bag–because if I was going to throw up, I did not want to have to clean it up after I threw up.  Right?  Yes, I was slightly mortified that my neighbors probably heard me.

In addition to that, can you even imagine how many SMELLS are in a retirement home?!  Well let me tell you–thousands! And most of them are not good! They consist of grandma/pa perfumes, bodily fluids, sweat, gas, laundry detergent, you name it, it is probably there! And since most of these very nice old ladies and men’s noses don’t work as well, the grandma perfumes are just dripping off the grandmas and grandpas.  YUCK.  Also, thanks to hormones, I was sitting on the couch watching TV with James one day and a very sad puppy commercial came on and I started to cry!  James looked at me partially horrified that I was crying because of a puppy commercial and partially because he had no idea what was going on. He asked what was wrong and my response was a sobbing “its just so sad!”

Week 8:

So the beginning of week 8 was still more of the same, sick, not eating, sick, sleeping, eating some saltines, sleeping…

I went to the doctor on 7/10, the start of week 8 and it was a lot of do not eat this, do not do this, you an do this, keep exercising, and stay healthy.  The doctor offered me some medication to relieve some of my symptoms, but I thought nah, it has to go away eventually, right? Then I went across the hall for my blood draw. Luckily I do not mind needles because the poor guy had to jab me 4 times (twice in each arm) to get blood out. I have NEVER had this problem before, normally i do not stop bleeding. so that was a first.

I told my boss at work and my coworkers in my department because I looked pretty green all week.  Sadly my streak of not throwing up ended this week as well.

James had to go back to North Dakota at the beginning of this week, so once again I was by myself and once again, I was very happy about that–thanks hormones, I am even embarrassed to mention it now.  Ok, so I was watching the Kardashians on TV and it happened to be the special when Bruce Jenner told his family that he was turning into a girl.  To most people, you watch the TV show and then forget about it, well I don’t think I will ever be able to forget about it.  When his family started to cry after he told them, I STARTED TO CRY! Yes! I was crying because I was so sad that they were sad and crying! WOWA! There is a new low for just about anybody!

We left for California for James Grandmas 90th birthday party on Thursday, I still was not feeling too hot.  Luckily by the end of this week I realized that sugar and greasy foods were the devil. Stay far away!  I also found that mints and ginger candy were a lifesaver.

Week 9:

California was very nice–hot, mild wind, and not humid, so 102 degrees did not seem too bad.  Plus the pool helped!  Still not feeling too great I just sucked it up and went along with what everybody wanted to do.  The birthday party was a blast but of course I could not stay away from the lemon birthday cake, so by the end of the night I was regretting it big time!  By the end of this week I have either A) Mastered the morning sickness and have gotten a head of it, or B) It is starting to subside.  I have been feeling pretty good.  Still very tired, always thirsty, always going to the bathroom, and always eating.

I would also like to point out that my pants are getting quite tight, only a few fit now, and my t-shirts make me look rather, well lets just say that it looks like I enjoy food a little too much. The book I have from the doctor says “You may still not look pregnant unless you tell people your special news, but you will notice your waist line thickening up” Yes, yes, I am noticing my waist line thickening up. I was wearing a dress for the birthday party and this dress happened to need a belt.  So once again i threw a little fit upstairs in James parents house because I looked rather fat in the dress. James, not knowing if it was just hormones or a real issue asked what was wrong. I told him and he just smiled.  (Thanks buddy)  He said that it was cute. hmm…not the word I would use.  The belt went UP in the front–it went up in the front because there was a belly there that made it go up in the front! YIKES! He said it was not thaaaaaaaat noticeable…but of course that is the only thing I noticed!

Week 10 starts on Friday.  I think I am going to have James take a picture of me starting on Friday (week 10). So stay tuned.


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