The Bed and Breakfast is Open for Business

The bed and Breakfast is Officially Open! Hurry to make your reservations, its  filling up fast!  We are booked through the end of July.  We are now taking reservations for the winter season!

Since May have had James cousin and his girlfriend here, my parents here, James parents just left, my friend came four days after James parents left–she just left Sunday morning, and James two friends from California are coming on Wednesday to stay through the 4th of July.  It has been fun don’t get me wrong, but wowa! I think I need a break from my real life right now. James and I have become master cleaners–changing sheets, towels, dog hair removal, duster, ect… Through all of this I have been working quite a bit more because my coworkers keep going on vacation!

In the middle of July we will be going to California, so the bed and breakfast will be closed for a week.  So plan accordingly people!!  Actually, I do believe that August is completely blank–I think my twin and his lovely fiance will be coming in September, but that may be it for awhile!  May was filled with rain, rain, and more rain.  June has been filled with heat, heat, heat! July looks like more of the same, hot, dry, no rain in sight.  It will be a horrible fire season if we don’t get some rain, June is normally a lot weather and cooler, but this June it was August weather, so I can not even imagine what August will bring us.  It has been in the 80’s most of June and this past week through next week is HOT HOT HOT! 90’s, pushing 100!  I enjoy it, however the grass, garden, rivers, and dogs may think otherwise.  Our grass is looking pretty crispy, our lettuce decided it was just too hot and decided to die on me.  Our raspberries, beans, onions, and radishes are growing like crazy though!

This past weekend was a scorcher!  98+ sunny, no wind.  James, myself, my friend, and James friend took the two pups to the Gallatin River at 7:30pm (still 89 degrees) on Saturday.  We found a spot, after 30 minutes of looking, where nobody was swimming.  The river was PACKED with swimmers, loungers, and party-goers.  The dogs jumped right in–and so did we!  Most if the winter run off has melted (far too quickly says the meteorologists) and the river was warmer than normal for this time of year. I found a rock to sit on and just hung out in the water.  Maddie, our golden retriever seemed to be rather stressed that I was just sitting in the middle of the river.  She kept swimming up to me whining and barking at me.  I just grabbed her and put her on my lap–she seemed to think it was pretty neat to sit in the water too!  Brinks, the beagador, still is not too crazy about water, especially places where she has never swam before.  So she was running along the shore for awhile trying to find a “safe” spot to get in.  Once she decided where she was going to get in, she always looks like it is the first time swimming, tail slapping the water, front paws flailing out of the water, butt sinking…but after a few seconds she remembers that she does actually know how to swim.

On Sunday we took the boat out to the Madison River.  At 11:30am it was a hot (not humid) 90 degrees.  A few weeks ago James bought an anchor system for our whitewater raft- turned fishing boat.  For anybody who knows about the parts you can add onto a whitewater frame, you know that ONE bar is a good $400…Well turns out a 30 pound anchor is a mere $140.  Pocket change right (***Gasp! Try not to have a panic attack!!)  Well the anchor and the anchor system worked great for James and his friend the day after he bought it.  So I decided I wanted to get in on this action and see what all the hype was about (and trust me, it was the talk of the town–or at least at my house!)  The next day we went out on the river.  Day 2 of anchor and anchor system.  James dropped the anchor, we bounced around for a few seconds, and THEN!!!!!    NOTHING.  The anchor detached from the anchor system!  I pretty much threw James into the water to try to find our $140 piece of lead.  Of course the water was going so fast, and it was so murky, that we were not able to find it.  Oh man, the panic attack was building up again.  The SECOND time EVER using the anchor, and the third day owning the anchor, and we lose it.  Oh GOD!  So long story short, on Sunday we went back to the Madison River to see if we could find the anchor.  The water was much lower, still moving pretty quickly, but the water was clear.  We floated right on top of where we lost it.  I actually saw it!! I know I did, most rocks are not a shiny-buffed out, silvery, square object.  Well I should have just jumped into the water when I saw it, because by the time we got the boat stopped we were probably 30 yards down from where I saw it. Walking up river, trying to see into fast moving water, and making sure you don’t fall on slippery rocks is harder than it sounds.  We did not find it. But at least I KNOW that nobody else has found my very expensive piece of lead.  So we are going to go back this next weekend and I am just going to jump into the water when I find it! I WILL get that anchor back, the river will not win.

The promotion this month at The Bed and Breakfast is a FREE night stay if you find our anchor in the Madison River.


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