Grandmas Things

My house just got a face lift with new paint (see the previous post) and I can not think of a better way to add charm to my house than to add more antiques!! My grandparents recently sold their city house and moved out to their lake house full time–I think that this move was exciting but very overwhelming and sad because my grandparents designed, built, and lived in their city house for over 50 years.  When they decided that they were moving, their three kids and nine grand-kids were able to go through their house and let them know what we would like.  I must admit, I am glad that I was not the one who decided who got what, I can only imagine how many names were on certain pieces of furniture/antiques.  But somehow it all worked out.

I loved most of the furniture in my grandparents house, however I already live in a fully furnished house, therefore, I had to pick and choose the most sentimental or interesting pieces.  I was quite pleased with the items I ended up with and they look great in my house!  I don’t even think James minds what we ended up with, plus, he knows my obsession with old things.

Dry Sink

I have always loved dry sinks! I was so excited when this lovely piece of furniture showed up at the house! it looks great, is in great condition, and adds so much to our spare bedroom upstairs!

009 010

Cherry Basket on the left (Gray and blue) and two lanterns on the right. I have had my eye on these three things for a long time. They were hanging around my grandparents house for as long as I can remember.  There were four lanterns, but my sister got two and I got two.  Sharing right?


These two beauties were lights in my grandparents downstairs bathroom, I absolutely love these!  They are old oil lamps that my grandpa added electricity to way back when they built the house. I had originally thought I wanted them to be lights, however when I walked past this area on the way downstairs I could not pass it up! They fit perfectly there!

006 014

The mirror is also from a bathroom and the potty chair…I really adore this piece of furniture.  It has a hole in the seat that can be covered up when it was not being used. There is a door on the backside of the chair to take the tray out each morning.  Now, I know that since it has been in my grandparents possession it has not been used as a potty chair, just a chair.  So nobody has used it as such for over 50 years, but I can not promise that it has NEVER been used. There is a handwritten note on the bottom side of the seat cover that reads:

“Hannah J. Bowen
From Mother
Aug. 7th 1892”

The fact that it probably had been used as a potty chair in 1892 and possibly up until my grandparents got a hold of it might gross some people out.  However I think it is fascinating! I love the thought that this chair has been floating around the US (maybe world) for about 120 years.  Can you imagine how many people have touched this chair (or sat on it); I think it is very neat to think about the history of this chair.  If this chair could talk, imagine the stories it would have!


This light came from my grandpas office at their house.  I adore this, it is an old jug that has been transformed into a light.  This is the smaller of the two that they had. The larger lamp accidentally got left at my sisters house while they were packing all my things up to be brought out here.  The larger lamp will get out to Southwest Montana eventually.  I was also given a very old side table, however that is also still in my parents possession.  My mom did not want it to get ruined on the way out here, but part of me thinks that my mom did not want to give it up yet–which is ok, as long as it gets into my hands eventually.  This particular side table came out to the Midwest from New England a long, LONG time ago, so I can understand why they want to be careful with it.  Another item that I am particularly fond of is a bakers table that was in my grandparents basement.  That has not made the trek out to Montana yet either. It is rather large and needs to be redone, so I will refurbish it and find the perfect spot for it eventually.


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