Extra Hands

My mom came out to visit last Wednesday and stayed for just over a week, my dad had planned on coming last Friday but the weather was miserable and he was not able to fly out here until Monday afternoon.  Both my parents flew back Thursday morning–is it time for you guys to come back here yet?! We had planned to stain the trim on the outside of our house while my parents were in town, however the weather had other ideas. It has been raining for the past 2 weeks, non-stop.  So staining was thrown out the window, we do however, have a color picked out for when it stops raining and our house dries up again.

I have been wanting to repaint the inside of my house for a while now, it wasn’t that the color was bad, but it made the house seem very dark and woodsy.  James only recently decided that the house should be painted, maybe because I kept bothering him about it?  But in reality, he was tired of the green as well.  I was pushing for Sherwin Williams Antique White, James wanted Whole Wheat, also by Sherwin Williams.  Whole wheat is a nice color, we have that in the basement and bedrooms, but I wanted something a little lighter for the main level of the house.  James must have been on a painting frame of mind because last Saturday he decided that we should paint the inside of our house if we can not paint the outside.  So we looked at colors for a few hours and we compromised on the color between Antique White and Whole Wheat– Believable Buff.  My mom measured the wall square feet and we figured out how many gallons we would need, turned out to be 5-6 gallons.  On Sunday morning my mom, myself, and James went to go get paint, the paint lady asked if we would like a sample of paint first.  Now, normal people would say yes; it is a logical thing to do, sample the paint on the wall to make sure you like it, right?!  Well, turns out that is not how James and I roll.  We just wanted a 5 gallon bucket of paint.  I think my mom was either A) Totally impressed that both James and I were on the same page or B) Thought we were totally insane for buying $170 worth of paint without testing it first because she looked a little shocked.  Either way, we jumped right in, no turning back now!

We got back home, pushed the dogs out the dog door and locked them outside (it was not raining at that point) and started to tape the trim, doors, and windows.  James must have pulled the short straw because he was volunteered to paint along the ceiling.  He was the first person to put the paint to the wall.  I could tell he was panicking a little bit because he was very quiet.  I asked if he liked the color because we had already bought it or because he actually liked it; he could not decide which “like” it was.  I told him not to compare the green color with the cream color because it was a HUGE color difference.  I must admit, The cream color did not look that light until it was right next to the green, at that point I was happy we did not get the Antique White.

018 019
The first thing James painted was in the corner on top of the closet, the anticipation was killing when while he was painting and I was not able to see the color because I was holding the ladder.



See? Big color difference.  I can understand why he was a little nervous when he first started to paint,  I on the other hand loved the color instantly!  The three of us painted the entire living room on Sunday.  Monday my mom trimmed the kitchen and eating area and then picked my dad up from the airport.  On Tuesday, my mom, dad, and myself painted the entire kitchen and eating area, along with the downstairs hallway, and one coat of paint up the stairs and the hallway.  We needed two coats of paint to cover up the green.  Wednesday my parents finished painting the upstairs hallway and then took my dogs for a hike.  Mom, Dad, seriously, when are you coming back? We get our house painted and get the dogs walked!  In all seriousness though, James and I really do appreciate all the work my parents put into painting our house! It really does look marvelous!

002 014

Again, not a bad color, but it is a very trendy color and I like the classic look better.  The lights needed to be on all the time and I was not too crazy about all the dark furniture and all the wood in the house.

032 031 030 029

Now the wood pops and I love it, the dark furniture looks great against the cream color, and the light walls reflect the light and we do not need to have the lights on all the time!  I am so extremely pleased with the color and the way it turned out!  I would also like to brag for one moment, we did not get paint on any of the trim, ceiling, cabinets, or doors!  Once the entire house was painted I asked James if he liked the color. This time he said yes, he likes the color and he is happy we went with a lighter color, it makes the house look bigger. I think he really liked how the wood looked against the color.  My mom was also thrilled with the color choice, she said that our house looks more Vail-like than Montana-like now.  In case you are not aware what “Vail Like” looks like, it is more of a classic look.

Ok, so now, the projects for the summer are:

  • Stain the trim on the house
  • Paint the inside of the house
  • Dig up and replant the dead trees in the front yard
  • Do something about the grass in the backyard.

Who would like to help us with these projects?  Don’t everybody raise your hand at once!


2 thoughts on “Extra Hands

  1. Is that a moose I see on the ceiling where James is painting? I’d love to come and help (if only to get away from my boxes here) but I wouldn’t be worth much. I could maybe be the “boss”. 🙂

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