Another Year in the Books

It’s May, May 1st happens to be my birthday, along with my amazingly talented twins birthday, Jim!  Even though we live so far apart, 14.5 hours to be exact, we still stay in touch and my brother and I would never miss our birthday call!  He was talking to me while he was supposed to be getting ready for a nice dinner with his fiance, Sarah–Sorry Sarah, I hope you two were not late!  We finally hung up when she walked through the door and they were supposed to leave.

Meet my family! I have amazing parents and the two best siblings ever!

My twin is lead engineer for a manufacturing company; in his free time (which is minimal these days since he is planning his wedding and just bought a house) he is rebuilding an old car, makes carbon-fiber bicycles, and does crazy long races–like IRONMAN Races, for example.  My sister just moved back to Minnesota and is head of Human Resources in a very productive and thriving small business.  In her free time she cares for her adorable little farm house; she has three horses, a donkey, chickens, one of the largest roosters I have ever seen, three dogs, and two cats.  They have also been dealing with coyotes, so I guess you could say those count too.  She likes to ride her horse and play with her dog Remi.  I’m not sure if she would admit it all the time, but she enjoys taking care of her old farm and farm house.

Her rooster. It is pretty, but I would not get close to it.
The picture does not do it justice, It is in a dog cage and that door behind it is pretty large.

About a month before my birthday, both my mother in law and mom asked me what I would like for my birthday.  I never really know what to ask for when people would like to know what I want.  It’s tough buying clothes because, as everybody knows, you need to try them on first.  Hmmm…We have quite a few projects this summer but those are boring and I didn’t want to put people to work for my birthday present–although it was quite tempting.

(**If anybody is bored this summer, come on over–we are

1) staining the trim on our house

2) replanting two dead trees in the front yard

3) wanting to repaint the main level of the house a lighter color

4) possibly doing something with our disastrous lawn**)

 My mother in law offered to split a Kitchen Aid Mixer with my mom. I said no because it is very expensive.  Then a few days later my mom said the same thing to me–the crazy part is they did not discuss this with each other before talking to me.  So I thought, why not, I have wanted one for a few years now.

Happy Birthday, Thank you Mother in Law and Mom!!!

For those of you who have a Kitchen Aid, you know that it comes with a very neat cookbook with exact speeds to beat the ingredients at.  (Its wonderful!) I really want to bake the chocolate chip cookie recipe or make the yellow cake with butter cream frosting, but the amounts are quite large and I am the only person in my house that eats that kind of stuff.  So once again family and friends, if you are bored this summer, pick a task above and then you will be rewarded with sweets!

I have however, been making the breads.  They are wonderful! My husband wanted wheat bread, so I have made six loaves already.  It is very good!  The last time I made the bread, I switched it up slightly and added cinnamon and sugar to one loaf.

I love that the cinnamon made a swirl.


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