Jason Aldean Concert

Jason Aldean came to Bozeman on April 22.  He was only supposed to have one show, on Thursday, April 23; however his first show sold out within 15 minutes of opening. So they added another show on that Wednesday. James and I were indifferent in going to the show, however one of James friends bought four tickets to the Wednesday show in the 6th row. He loves Jason Aldean, but did not want to by himself. He asked us to go, and we said yes. I have never bought the expensive tickets (AKA–tickets that were not in the nose bleed section, much less in the 6th row!)  I don’t mind Jason Aldean, but I do like Tyler Farr and Cole Swindell and they were opening for him.

Tyler Farr

I really only have this picture of him.  I forgot my camera and I did not think of asking James for his smart phone until he offered it to me at the end of his show. I guess that would be a good reason for a smart phone–pictures!  It was a packed house!

CAUTION: Here comes a rant. (Skip if you do not want to read it.)

I went with three other guys who were 6 + feet tall, the folding chairs were pretty small, and I was sitting next to two large girls who together took up my entire seat… I was not upset or mad at them for taking up my entire seat. But in doing that, the four of us ended up shifting over 1 seat which left some girl from a different group out in the isle. The ticket lady asked her to get into her row. So we all had to move over.  I NICELY asked these girls if there was any room to move over so that I was standing in front of my seat–I even explained why I was asking them to move over. They squeezed together and then the girl right next to me turned to her friend and called my a b**ch!  WHAT! She was in front of MY seat! I was floored and then I started to get a little mad.  During the whole concert she was talking about me!  She kept trying to push me back out of my seat (I would not let her).  She flicked her hair in my face a few times, elbowed me repeatedly, and kept trying to dance her way into my seat. She was WAAAAAAAAY into my bubble.  She was purposefully being obnoxious to try to make me move over…(yes, sorry Mom, I stooped to her level and started to gently push her back into her seat every time she inched my way–that really irritated her and her friend).  But I never said anything mean to her, unlike her to her friend about me.  I was probably called everything under the sun!  By the end of the 4 hour concert I really wanted to tell her that they each should have bought 2 seats if they wanted, or needed, extra room–like they do on the airplane, but I am respectful and kept my mouth shut the entire time.  If they would have just kept their mouth shut and not talk about what a bleep I was, I would have let them inch their way back into my seat and I would have stood in front of James and not said a word to them; but of course they couldn’t do that.

**I have nothing against larger people, but if anybody is rude or obnoxious to me, I will not allow it! And in some cases, my 5 year old immature attitude may shine through.

Here ends the rant.

We still had a blast during the concert, but standing for 4 hours in one spot is a long time and everybody’s feet hurt by the end of it.

Cole Swindell

THIS is why people pay more to get closer to the stage!
It all makes sense now! It was crazy!

This was Jason Aldeans Burn It Down Tour.  So the pyrotechnics were insane!  Fireworks, fire, firecrackers, everything under the sun. When his show started it instantly got hot in the field house with all the fire!!

Jason Aldean.

IMG_20150422_212436390 IMG_20150422_213042146

Again, I now understand why people wait in line to get front row seats!


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