Easter Eggs

Happy Easter everyone!

I thought I would share how I dyed my Easter Eggs this year.  At work I dyed 90 eggs with the residents. We did not have enough dye cups for everybody to have some, so I found some food coloring and plastic bags, I had a hunch.  It took a few eggs to master the process, but eventually we did and the residents really enjoyed dying eggs that way.

I present, Ty-Dye Easter Eggs:

The picture really does not do the eggs any justice.

Hard boil your eggs and let them cool.  At work the eggs had condensation on them and the colors flowed very well. My eggs were dry.



Use normal food coloring and get a plastic bag.  Put ONE drop of food coloring into the bag and smash it around until it looks like the bag above.  There will be tiny droplets in the bag and it will not look like enough to dye the egg, but I promise you, there will be plenty!

Drop your egg into the bag and smash the bag around the egg, moving both egg and bag around.

Then add one more drop of a different color into the bag.  Make sure you do not hit egg, and then move the egg and bag around again.  Pull the egg out and let it dry.

Ta-Da! Green and Blue egg!

Orange and Red egg, Again, sorry for the poor pictures.



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