A Tool Bench and Coffee Tables

Honestly, this happened awhile ago, but I thought I would still share it will you. Last winter James decided that he needed a tool bench in the garage.  Yes, it made since considering we were using a piece of plywood and two random things holding it up on either side.  It was pretty pathetic and the table was sagging in the middle.  So in the middle of the winter we decided that it was a good time to build a tool bench, in our VERY chilly garage (because last winter we ACTUALLY had a winter).

This was our first pretty big DIY project (besides our garden beds–I will post those once we plant the garden this spring).  While we were trying to figure out what it should look like, James and I learned quickly that we have EXTREMELY different ways to describe the exact.same.thing.  It took us a good 45 minutes, including some bickering back and forth, to figure out that we were talking about the same design.  James is very into the dimensions and numbers when it comes to building and I draw a picture so that I can see what is going on and how we were going to put the tool bench together.

This makes perfect sense to me, James had no idea what I was doing.
Like I said, after 45 minutes we figured it out and all he had to do was put his dimensions in the drawing.

We did our weekly weekend trip to Homedepot or Lowes and got all the wood and screws to build our tool bench.  We built it in the garage with our heater going full speed. Brinks and Maddie wandered around the garage the whole time we were building it and I’m sure they thought that they were a great help!

012 015 017
See, our tool bench looked just like my picture above!

The peg board was my brilliant idea!

 The sagging tool bench is no longer!! It still looks pretty good, a year later. We do, however, have quite a few more fishing poles, fly poles, and ice fishing poles hanging above our tool bench.  The other day I was looking at our tool bench and thought that we should add a shelf under the bench to get the things that are under there off of the floor, James thought otherwise.  We will see what happens.

We also made all but one of the coffee tables in our house.  This past summer we were wandering around some antique shops trying to figure out what type of table we should put around our L-couch in the basement.  I went to all five antique shops (multiple times, because I did not want to miss anything) over a span of a week and a half.  I also went to multiple thrift shops to see if I could find a coffee table I liked that I could redo.  No such luck.  After waiting for a week and a half, James decided that he was going to take over the project and he was going to make one.  Realistically, when I say James took over the project, I mean he drove me to the reclaimed lumbar yard down the street from our house, let me pick out the wood, let me design the coffee table, and he put it together (I was holding the screw driver for him), and I stained it.  I must admit, I am very good at telling him how to cut the pieces of wood, where to screw the wood together so that it is not seen, and overall pretty good at bossing him around while he is doing the work. Whether or not he actually likes me to be the foreman of the job is yet to be determined. BUT! the coffee table looks marvelous!

012 014
The old nail holes were my favorite.

Our new (old) barn wood coffee table!
It is very sturdy and looks very nice if I do say so myself!


One thought on “A Tool Bench and Coffee Tables

  1. Coulda had the one in our Brookfield house. I built it 68 years ago. looks just like the frame in yours with two 8ft x 10″x 2″ for the top. Still using it. Took apart auto transmissions, engines. (some times never got them back together). Also ANY OTHER PROJECTS AROUND THE HOUSE DURING THE FOLLOWING YEARS. (sorry ’bout the caps, I am not going to retype it). Any way if you want it come and get it “cause the house is sold and we have to clear put every thing in the next month.
    Love ya,

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