Jackson Hole

This past weekend my husband and I ventured down to Jackson Hole. Originally we were going to go down to watch a hockey game and go skiing. But neither one of those panned out.  I had to work later than I thought and James had to go to ND and was driving home on Friday.  By the time we actually left the house it was around 5:00pm; while we were driving James mentioned that he will have been in four different states in less than 12 hours (North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming).  That is a lot of driving!  We ended up driving the truck out there, so the gas mileage was a bit of a drag, at 16 miles a gallon.  While driving through the back roads of Idaho, we found out how quickly the new truck (and by that I mean New last May) can actually stop.  A baby moose (which, mind you, I said DEER!) walked into the road.  No we did not hit him, no we did not go into the ditch, and NO we did not stop when I saw that there was a mom moose and two baby moose standing on the side of the road.  I wanted to take a picture of them.  The truck has great stopping power; and I know my dad has worn off on me because when James hit the brakes, the first thing that went through my head was “Oh! Warped rotors!

009Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming.
This picture was taken in July of last year, I did not take one of the tetons this time around.

While James was driving over the very steep, long, and intense pass (which I LOVE!, James not so much) I was looking at all the stars in the pitch black sky! It was so pretty and they seemed so close when we were at the the top of the pass. The pass was completely clear of any ice or snow, but the sides of the road had a good three feet of snow in spots.

We made it to the hotel safe and sound.

My Aunt and Uncle were nice enough to move some people out of their rented condo so that we could stay there!  When we arrived to the very elegant hotel we were greeted with a “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. McNulty.”  Mrs. that gets me every time, and I am not entirely sure that I have heard Mrs. McNulty more than once or twice since we got married 2.5 years ago.  It still seems a little strange.  When opened our door to the condo/studio we were greeted with the lights on, a bottle of wine, two glasses, a very nice hand written letter from the staff, and Pig Candy sitting on the counter.

The perks of knowing an owner I guess!
Yes, the Pig Candy was bacon covered in sugar, James seemed to like it.

Friday night we made dinner, soup from a can and toast, in the room. We just hung out, without any interruptions from James work, the dogs, or phones.  Saturday morning we went down to eat breakfast at the buffet.  Growing up, we always took advantage of the continental breakfast and took enough for lunch too (an apple and granola bar).  So if we were going to pay $17/person for a buffet style breakfast here, I was going to take full advantage of it.  So we I grabbed two yogurts and cream cheese for the next day to go with our strawberries and toast we already had in the room.  The hotel still benefited from us at $17/person, so I did not feel too bad.  This reminds me of a story of when my dad would bring my siblings and I to Vail to go skiing.  We did this a few years in a row; the four of us would go to Vail and go skiing for a few days. Each morning we would get up, get our ski stuff on and head to McDonalds for breakfast.  After breakfast we would ski for the day.  The previous part is true. The following part, I think it is, but I may be exaggerating or combining multiple instances together, I can’t remember. For lunch I feel that each of us would have an apple in our coats, we would sometimes get two hamburgers and split them (or just eat our apple and a granola bar from our coat), get water from the drinking fountain, and then if we were still hungry we would go get the individual packed saltine crackers on the condiments line and eat those.  Then after skiing we would go out to dinner.  See, I get my thrifty-ness from my parents..

 After breakfast we looked at the ski runs and I was quite happy we did not spend $120 a ticket to go skiing. there was a lot of dirt showing on the runs!!  We wandered into the city of Jackson and walked around in Teton Village.  I was able to get James to go into a few galleries as well! They were all lovely, but I was partial to one photograph of the Tetons for $75,000.00.  Yes, it was a photograph, not a painting or drawing.  The funny part is, is that I know some poor sap will come in with more money than they know what to do with and buy A PICTURE.  In James mind, a trip to Jackson Hole would not be complete without going into the Ripley’s Believe it or Not. So we did.

005 006
Crazy looking, no?

James and I have NEVER gone out to a fancy dinner.  So we thought, why not do it in Jackson Hole?  Live like a high roller for a few hours.  Before dinner we enjoyed a fire and a glass of wine in the condo.

I swear, there is a fire in the fireplace, but I could not get a picture of it.

We got semi dressed up and ventured down to the restaurant, we went to the Spur.  James ordered a bison sirloin and I ordered the huckleberry glazed venison.  Both meals were to die for!! The executive chef earned his 5 year in a row award winning food in my book!  After dinner we went to the roof top hot tub and just soaked while watching the stars and the groomers groom the slopes in the dark!


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