Hiking in March

It is March in Montana; a likely post for two avid skiers would be to about skiing. Not in this case.  It is March in Montana, 60 degrees and sunny.  Why not go for a hike in a National Park? Let’s take the dogs. (James went fishing yesterday while I was working, today was hiking.)  We drove about 25 minutes west of where we live and wandered around Headwaters National Park for a while with the dogs.

150 152

It was quite busy at most of the trail heads; luckily we found a trail less traveled–it is much more fun to hike when you are not passing 200 people along the way.  When it is 50 to 60 degrees in Southwest Montana apparently the whole state jumps to attention and heads for the hills, rivers, or trails. I understand that this next picture is not the most glamorous shot, but it is March, so it would make sense that everything is brown and leaf-less.  I really like this picture because you can see the snow covered mountains.


After we were done hiking we decided that we would take that dogs to the river to swim.  Maddie is all about the water. The instant she sees it, BAM! She’s gone like the wind! Brinks could take it or leave it.  I am convinced that Brinks forgets how to swim each time we go to a different swimming spot (if it is a swimming spot that she has broke in before, she jumps right in). At a new spot she is very hesitant and won’t go out past where she is able to walk. However, once she takes that leap of faith (which takes about 15 minutes) she flails like a hurt beaver trying not to sink–tail flapping the water and all.  Then after that the lab takes over and she can’t get out of the water. From that point on, it’s an all out war to see who gets the stick first!


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