I may have an obsession with my our two pups.  Maddie and Brinks spend so much time together playing, running outside, and sleeping snuggled up together.  The four of us go everywhere together when we can; James works six days a week most weeks and  I have two nonconsecutive days off.  Most of the time we only have one day off together. Brinks, Maddie, and I go to the grocery store, Lowes, shopping, hiking, ect. while James is working.  Brinks, if I am not around, always go fishing with James because she will not chase the lure like Maddie tries to.

087 010

 James loves to fish. So when he does have a day off, he is fishing.  When I have a day off, I hike.  We do technically do this together, but we are not next to each other.  Fishing bores me, unless it is 90+ degrees, sunny, and warm water.  Then, hand me a fly rod and I will be content for at least an hour, a normal fishing pole, maybe an hour (James 5 hours).  So while James is fishing, the dogs and I are:

017 142 003
Hiking or playing.

Yes, I allowed my dogs to drink out of my CamelBack.  No, it is not ideal, however when we walked to the top of the mountain at 90 degrees, the dogs were just as thirsty as I was. There wasn’t any water up there, so what was I to do? I drank some and gave the rest to my dogs.

Even in the winter James go fishing.  On Christmas Day we went to a local mountain lake.  James was ice fishing and I went snowshoeing with the dogs.  It was marvelous! I was able to make the first tracks in the fresh mountain snow.  When I stood still, I could hear the snow crunch under the dogs paws when they were running around, even when I could not see them. It was so peaceful!

023 035
The dogs love the snow!


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