Necklace Board

I like to think that I am pretty crafty–I wish I could find a way to share all of my great ideas with you and eventually maybe I will.  Sometimes my DIY projects turn out and look pretty good; occasionally they most definitely not.  This is one of those times that I was thrilled with the result.  I was getting quite annoyed that I could never find the necklace or bracelet that I wanted to wear.  So I found a cheap way to fix that!

My necklace board!

It is hung up in our closet and it looks very nice! LOOK!  I can see all of my jewelry and easily grab it on my way out the door!  James says it looks nice, but I really think he is just happy that I won’t have my jewelry sprawled out on the bathroom counter anymore.

Entering the DIY Zone!!

I bought a plain bulletin board from Target.  I had fabric at the house that was supposed to be for my kitchen curtain, but turns out I am not a curtain maker. (Yes, I did make one curtain and it did not look bad, but it took me an entire weekend.)  So I took that curtain fabric and stretched it around the bulletin board and stapled it to the back. I then attached a hook to hang it up.

I used clear pushpins to hang all of my necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on.  I spaced them out randomly and unorganized; I think it looks much better that way.  I was going to use the pearl pushpins, however I was told that the two metals would cause each other to rust.  Because lets face it, Target does not supply super expensive jewelry.  So in the end I bought something that would look nice, blend in with the background, and not let the metal of the pushpin touch with the metal of my jewelry.


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