Hello Family and Friends!

Welcome to my new blog. I know that this has been a LONG time coming for a lot of you, and I finally feel like I can keep up with a blog long term!  I would like to share our lives (James, Jennifer, and of course the dogs) with our friends and family so that everybody can feel like we are not 14-20 hours away from each other.

What will I share you ask?  Good Question!

Since getting married I have been cooking…A LOT. Therefore, when I find exceptional recipes I will share them with you.  Although I do generally cook light, healthy foods, everybody who knows me knows that I would much rather have sweets–so I can promise that I will post multiple amazingly decadent sweets!  I will share pictures, from adventures and our daily lives, so beware, that means a lot of dog, house, and food pictures.  I will inform you on different things, some serious, others not so much!  For example:  Kim Kardashian and siblings slid off of the road a few miles from my house this past Saturday–Oh the hardships of living in a vacation destination, right?   I will share pictures of our little house, not because I want to show it off, but because I know a lot of you may not be able to get to our house to see it in person.  And who knows, maybe I will start sharing completely random facts about our little family in different places throughout my blog.

So, if you so desire, please share my blog with family and friends so that we can all stay in touch (or at least you can stay in touch with our lives).



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